9970 Tournament

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Looking for a Goode Ski but on a budget? The skis from our GoodeDealz selection are a great option! 
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    A legend is reborn: The 9970 Tournament Ski 

    Twenty-five years after revolutionizing water skiing with the first-ever carbon-fiber slalom ski, GOODE Skis is proud to announce the arrival of the 9970, the best-ever version of the legendary 9000 series that permanently etched the likes of Regina Jaquess, Jeff Rodgers, Kristi Overton-Johnson, Karina Nowlan, and Chris Parrish in the world record books.

    “Everything we’ve learned about carbon construction and ski design over the past 25 years has gone into the 9970,” says Dave Goode, founder of GOODE Skis.  “We knew we couldn’t bring the 9000 series back if this ski didn’t live up to the legendary legacy of the previous skis.  That was something that was in the back of our minds throughout the development process.”

    Designed with the 36 m.p.h. skier in mind but highly capable at all speeds, the 9970 capitalizes on a new construction method and newly sourced advanced carbon materials to weigh in at a mere 2.5 pounds on a 67-inch model – the lightest GOODE ever.  Additional areas of design focus included a new rocker profile and a larger flat spot. 

    “The 9970 is very fast cross course and carries a lot of speed through the turn,” says Martin Kolman. “The 9970 gets angle out of the turn like no other ski I’ve been on.  It really wants to be ridden on an edge.”

    The 9970 is narrower from the front binding to the tip than the GOODE XTR, a characteristic that allows skiers to carry more speed through the turn, something that 36 m.p.h. skiers, especially, will appreciate.

    “Our skis have had unparalleled success at 34 m.p.h. over the last few years” says Dave, “but I really wanted us to be a force again at the higher speed.  The 9970 is a legendary ski, made better.  It’s going to put us back on the map at 36mph.” 


    • Traditional Shape
    • 7 lengths available 62"3, 65.5", 67", 67.75", 68.5", 69.75" and 71.5"
    • NEW Flex Torsion Ratio for more carryout and power
    • NEW Premium Grade Aerospace CARBON FIBER construction process

    Recommended Ski Sizes 

    • 63″ – Skier's weight up to 100 pounds
    • 65.5″ – Skier's weight up to 160 pounds
    • 67″ – Skier's weight between 140 and 180 pounds
    • 67.75" – Skier's weight between 155 and 200 pound
    • 68.5" – Skier's weight between 185 and 215 pounds
    • 69.75" – Skier's weight between 195 and 225 pounds
    • 71.5" - Skier's weight 220 pounds and up.
    Compare New Industry Sizing Chart Below:
    •63 inch was 62” XTT
    •65 inch was 64.25” XTT
    •67 inch was 65.55 XTT
    •67.75 inch was 66.5 XTT
    •68.5 inch was 67.25 XTT
    •69.75 inch was 68.5 XTT
    •71.5 inch was 70.25 XTT

      * Sold As Is - No Returns or Exchanges 

      **GoodeDealz do not come with the 1-year warranty

      GoodeDealz are factory seconds due to small cosmetic blemishes. Blemishes will vary from ski to ski. The structure of the ski is not compromised.