Carbon is the perfect high performance material for ski construction.

Can you imagine pros playing tennis without a carbon racquet? Driving a golf ball without a carbon shaft? Biking without carbon frames or carbon components?

The physical properties of carbon surpass other materials by nearly every measure. It’s lightweight, strong, and conductive, yet damp and shock absorbent. It reacts quickly to shocks and forces. It’s more durable and doesn’t fatigue under stress.

We Know Carbon

We pioneered its use building the first carbon ski pole, the first carbon water ski, and the first carbon snow ski. But, we don’t just build carbon fiber products. We build products that perform at the highest levels of the sport, that allow athletes to experience new personal bests, that deliver moments and memories to last a lifetime.

Hand Built in the USA

We build our skis using only the highest quality materials. Every ski is made by hand in our research, development, and production facility at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Ogden, Utah.Snowbasin



So We Make Custom Skis We Want to Ride

It all started in 1975. Driven by a passion for the sport, Dave Goode founded a company deeply rooted in skiing. Today, in our research, development, and production facility in Ogden, Utah, we are continuing to innovate.

Our new alpine and backcountry ski collection is designed, engineered, and produced under one roof by a dedicated group of people also driven by a passion for the sport.

Conceptual design, engineering, mold making, layout, pressing, finishing, and testing all take place at the foot of the Wasatch only a half-hour from the ultimate testing ground, Snowbasin – site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Men’s and Women’s Downhill, Super G, and Combined events.

Years of Experience

We’re not a high volume production Powdershop so when we close for a powder day we drop behind a little. But, every ski we sell is the result of years of experience. Each ski a labor of love. Our goal -- build the very best skis in the world. We’re skiers, building skis for friends and skiers worldwide – skiers that share our passion for performance and the love of the sport.

Leading Through Carbon Technology

In the early 1990's we forever changed two industries. Our pure carbon fiber ski poles are now used worldwide, have won Olympic Gold and are loved by many skiers. Atheletes skiing on Goode carbon fiber water skis have won many National Titles, World Championships and currently hold both the Open Men’s and Open Women’s World Records. We bring the future of snow skis to you now.