Goode Neoprene Water Ski Sleeve

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Product Description

This "One-Size Fits All" Neoprene Ski Sleeve is designed to help protect your GOODE ski.  It has a built-in Fin-Protector-Pouch and works with or without the GOODE Foam Fin Protector for ultimate protection and ease.

The Neoprene Ski Sleeve protects the skis bottom, side bevels and top. A Velcro strap connects between your boots to hold the sleeve securely on your ski.  This NANO Neoprene Ski Sleeve is less bulky than a full padded bag and is great for trips from the car to the boat and while in the boat or on the dock.

  • Padded Neoprene Slalom Ski Sleeve with Fin Protector Pouch
  • 2.5mm Heavy Duty Neoprene Material for Excellent Protection
  • Colors: Black, White, Purple, Red and Pink
  • One Size fits All - (Including WideRides)
  • Foam Fin Protector Sold Separately