Junior G-Max Ski Poles

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Product Description

Are your kids ready to start pushing and planting on the hill? The Goode G-Max Jr. Ski Pole is a great solution for you and your kids. The lightweight construction makes it easy for you to carry to the gondola, and even easier for them to hold throughout the day. With fun graphics and color options, these poles are super fun and a great addition to your kids.

 *Sold as a pair

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Colors: Summit Blue, Summit Red, Summit Silver, Summit Red/Blue, & Summit Pink ; Plus Red, Plus Green, Plus Flo Yellow 
Non-Adjustable Shaft: Diameter: 12.7mm  
Style: Pencil™ (No Taper)  
Shock Absorption: Highest 
Grip Style: T-Uni 
Wrist strap: Woven Nylon 
Basket Styles: Disc 
Weight: 350 grams/pair 
Swing Weight: Light