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Product Description

Before ordering, please download and complete the PowerVest Order Form.
Once we receive your order we'll reach out to get the measurements from your completed form.

To order by phone, please call 1-888-GO-GOODE (888-464-6633) and be prepared to provide your Customer Service Representative with your measurements.

GOODE PowerVest™ System features PowerGrip™ Gloves, Power-Straps, a Load Distribution Panel which is attached to the Power Waist-Belt and a Vest to hold everything together and provide floatation.  The PowerVestTM reduces load to your back in a similar fashion to that of a hiking backpack. You want to carry the load (or weight) on your hips, not your upper body and back.

The various components of the PowerVest™  are shown in the following photos. To transfer pressure to your ski, when using the PowerVest™, the PowerGrip™ Gloves grasp the ski handle with an "over-center" leverage strap device that is similarly used by Olympic gymnasts on the high-bar.  The load force then travels up  the PowerStraps, which attach to the gloves at the wrist, and then run under the arm and attach to the top of the Load Distribution Panel. 

The Load Distribution Panel fits inside of an internal padded pouch and covers most of the PowerVest™ back area. The bottom of the Load Distribution Panel is attached to the PowerWaist Belt which is fastened around your hips. When the PowerVestTM  is in use, it transfers most all of the skiing force loads from the ski handle directly to your hips.

GOODE PowerVest™System Benefits

By reducing excessive load forces to your upper body and back, the PowerVest™ reduces muscle fatigue, reduces the repetitive compressive load on your back and increases your strength and endurance.

When using the PowerVest™, you will be able to ski more passes in a set, with more strength than ever thought possible. Most skiers will ski 6 to 8 passes in a set. When wearing the PowerVest™, I will often ski 16 - 18 passes in a set, up to as many as 24 passes, with NO upper body fatigue!  Being able to ski more passes allows me more training time to work on technique, ski testing and ski set-up.

The PowerVest™also allows you to ski stronger. I have found that I can ski a more powerful technique which allows me to develop more angle and more cross-course speed, allowing me to arrive earlier at the next buoy.

 The PowerVestTM System will be custom-built for you.

The PowerVestTM  - includes one full length vest, one pair of PowerGripTMGloves,  one sliding PowerStrap, one Load Distribution Panel, one Power Waist Belt, the Vest and Arm Guards.

PowerVestTM Systems are usually shipped within 3 business days. You will be given an expected delivery date once your order is received.

Download PowerVestTM System Owner's Manual

Click HERE to view a brief instructional video of the PowerVestTM System