Nano XTT

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Product Description

Looking for a Goode Ski but on a budget? The skis from our GoodeDealz selection are a great option! 
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Nano XTT

The Nano XTT combines all the hard-charging, cross-course speed of the traditional-width 9900 series with the on-the-rails, no off-side-at-all turns pioneered by the Nano OneXT’s groundbreaking AsymRocker™.

Designed with skiers who like to be more proactive in their turns in mind, the Nano XTT makes a world-record shape even better with an asymmetrical rocker. 

And while not universally true, many 36 mph skiers are going to find the Nano XTT more suitable to the sport’s top speed.  Just ask Chris Parrish who is quickly returning to world-record form on his new Nano XTT. 

The Nano XTT features the innovative AsymRocker, an asymmetrical rocker technology that creates a longer rocker on the offside, and a shorter rocker on the onside to completely eliminating any differences between the two turns. No matter which side of the course you are on, the ski’s all-important “kick point” has the right amount of rocker in it, leading to better, smoother and more consistent turns that build angle and add buoys.    

Traditional-Width Bevels™
The Nano XTT’s bevels feature a sharp bottom edge which allows the ski to track better up course, while drastically reducing down-course slipping that makes skiers late and narrow.  You’ll experience an easy, comfortable, yet extremely stable and solid connection to the water that gives you more confidence and quicker edge-to-edge performance throughout the turn and as you build angle across the wake.

Nano Carbon Construction – Stronger and Lighter
It was an industry first when we introduced our innovative nano carbon fiber construction. Now it’s undisputedly proven to enhance performance. 

nano.gifGOODE skis constructed from nano carbon fiber and resin have higher strength-to-weight ratios and are lighter and stronger than skis built from traditional carbon fiber. Nano carbon has raised the performance bar to a higher level.

Technology and Engineering That Makes A Difference
No one is more passionate about pushing the envelope of technology than GOODE. We’re committed to designing, engineering and building advanced technology that will truly exceed your expectations and take your skiing to the next level.

Additional Features 

  • Asymmetric design – available in right, left, or neutral stances.
  • Each Nano XTT comes factory installed with brass inserts that are a fraction of the weight of those used by other manufacturers.  They use the GOODE pattern and are compatible with most popular bindings.
  • Precision finbox.
  • Handmade in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.

 Recommended ski selection guide for the Nano XTT based on skier's weight

  • 62" – Skier's weight up to 110 pounds
  • 64.25″ – Skier's weight up to 145 pounds
  • 65.75″ – Skier's weight up to 185 pounds
  • 66.5"– Skier's weight up to 205 pounds
  • 67.25″ – Skier's weight between 185 to 235 pounds
  • 68.5" – Skier's weight over 200 pounds 

* PowerShell Ready

* Sold As Is - No Returns or Exchanges 

GoodeDealz are factory seconds due to small cosmetic blemishes. Blemishes will vary from ski to ski The structure of the ski is not compromised.