Carbon Neutral Ski Poles

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Product Description

Lighter • Stronger • Aerodynamic

Our patented pole design features thin "pencil" shafts for better balance and feel. Most of our shafts are the same diameter at the top and bottom. Carbon composite poles are about 30% lighter and up to six times stronger than aluminum alloy poles, don't bend, are more durable, and have an excellent feel and balance. 

Our poles are smaller in diameter, only 12.7mm vs. up to 18mm. We're not just lightweight in the store, but we're even more lightweight on the slopes as compared to larger diameter poles that have more wind drag. More wind drag equals exponentially more weight the faster you ski. Lightweight poles simply perform better than heavy ones. 

Firm • Flexible • Shock Absorbing

Our firm, flexible shafts take advantage of the natural shock absorption properties of carbon. Lightweight, firm performance, but less "kick back" for better balance, and they're easier on hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. 

  • S-Glass composite shafts are made from sand—an abundant natural resource
  • Ergonomic grips are comfortable and easy to hold in all temperatures and conditions; grips are balanced to help deliver ideal swing weight
  • Patented Inter-Loc™ hook system attaches straps to the pole more precisely than traditional straps
  •  *Sold as a pair

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    Colors: Sea Foam Green, Coral, Sea Blue, and Ocean Grey
    Shaft: Patented Eco-Friendly Composite
    Diameter: 12.7 mm
    Style: Pencil (No Taper)
    Shock Absorption: High
    Grip Style: Made from Recycled Sea Plastic
    Strap: Woven Nylon with Adjustable Buckle 
    Basket Style: Disk - Made from Recycled Sea Plastic
    Weight: 590 grams/pair
    Swing Weight: Medium