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Product Description

** Blemish skis have small graphic blemishes that DO NOT compromise the performance of the ski. Blemish skis still have the 1-year manufacturer warranty. 
** Graphic blemishes will vary from ski to ski. If you have a question about the ski you will receive, please text us using the messaging feature on the bottom right of our website. We will send you a picture of available skis. 

Based on the shape of the world-record holding XTRcc, the Wide Ride Carbon Core is engineered for the slalom skier who is looking for a higher-riding ski, whether it's because they want to maintain speed through the turns at 36 or 34 mph, or get more support and stability at 32 mph or lower.
Like the XTRcc, the Wide Ride Carbon Core features a softer flex that makes turns quick, symmetrical and automatic, which when combined with a carbon core that rebounds more quickly out of the turn, leads to faster side-to-side speed and more space before the next buoy. 
One skier who is liking what he sees in the new Wide Ride Carbon Core is Steve Raphael, a nine-time national champion and current Mens 8 U.S. National record holder.
"I just got back from Florida and I'm up between four and six buoys from last year with this ski," said Raphael. "The carbon core is a step up for this ski for sure and I'm really looking forward to tournament season. It's by far the best slalom ski I've ever ridden." 
Carbon Core series benefits include:
  • Improved performance: Greater rebound, more stability at the ball and dramatically increased durability. 
  • A thinner profile: The carbon core’s increased strength allows for a thinner side profile, offering skiers a more connected-to-the-water feeling. 
  • Softer flex patterns: The carbon core led to the holy grail of ski design - soft flex patterns that produce indestructible, symmetrical turns, with quick rebound out of the turn that generates amplified side-to-side speed. 
  • Larger, rounder bevels: Working in concert with the thinner profile, refined bevels provide a more stable, predictable ride, resulting in more buoys even when things don’t go as planned (read: better scrambling ability).
  • Factory installed brass inserts
  • Precision finbox
  • Handmade in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A
  • One-year warranty
Available sizes and recommended sizing:
  • 64” - Skier's weight between 125 and 180 pounds 
  • 66" - Skier's weight 180 pounds and up

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*All water skis will ship within 10 business days of order placement