BLEMISH Avalon Trick Ski

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Product Description

*This is a graphic blemish, first edition graphic. The construction is the same as the 2024 graphics. Blemish skis are sold as is and still maintain the 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

The Goode Avalon’s design is the brainchild of Richard Abelson and multiple time world champion Jimmy Siemers to deliver a ski that would meet the needs of the next generation of upcoming athletes and open the door to new possibilities in trick skiing.  

Tested by Goode Athlete and Junior Masters Champion Jake Abelson this ski was designed to not only be a fierce competition machine but to have a playful effortless feel on flips. The pin tip/tail design creates drive and hold while edging, the progressive edge profile gives easy access to the key edging portion of the ski. The long grooves keep tip and tail hold long up the wake to make take offs clean and crisp. This ski was designed to be low drag, high speed and loads of fun. 

  • Carbon has over a 6X strength to weight ratio when compared to aluminum. Goode's innovative construction technique has created a ski that is lighter, more responsive and more durable than current competitor brand trick skis.

Key Features:

  • Offered in size 41.3"
  • Using Goode's Trusted Carbon Core Technology 
  • Progressive bevel design 
  • Sharp Precision edge design (Custom edge tuning on request)
    • Softer edge lets ski sit deeper, sharper edge reduces drag and adds clean release from wake.
  • Long grooves for extra hold
  • Pin Tip/Tail adds superior carve-ability

Sizing Chart:

  • 41.3" - Up to 130 lbs 

*Blemish skis are sold as is and still maintain the 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

*Trick Skis DO NOT receive the 21-day demo program