Home Town

Lake Worth, Florida


2021 Trick World Champion/Silver Medal Overall

2019 PanAm Games Overall Champion

3 PanAm Games Medals

7 Professional Titles

16 Professional Podiums

Former Overall World Record Holder

2016 PanAm Trick Champion

6 PanAm Championship Medals

29 Jr. and Open National Records

21x National Champion

B.S. in Physics at Rollins College

M.S. in Systems Engineering at ULL

Instagram handle


Current home training facility

Lago Del Sol/Jack Travers Sunset Lakes

Whats your biggest passion besides water skiing?

Ice Hockey. I played competitive Ice Hockey until I was 18, playing at the highest level of High School hockey in Boston, MA. When deciding which college I wanted to attend, the choice determined whether I would pursue a water ski or hockey career. I still get on the ice every chance I get, especially in the off-season, skating on a men's league team with my dad and also with the "South Florida Breakfast Club".

How did you get into water skiing?

My parents definitely introduced me to the sport at a young age as I watched them compete on all the biggest stages around the world, but I would say my cousin Sebastian really got me into skiing. When I was about 9, he tricked in a small Jr. tournament in Austria and beat my PB in trick. I think his score was 320 points or something. When I heard he beat me, I immediately got the urge to get out and ski. Then I spent the summer skiing with him and all of the other Jr. skiers in Austria. I then realized how much I enjoyed the community aspect of skiing in addition to the competition. The rest is history!

Why do you water ski?

I water ski because it gives me the opportunity to test my limits and to push beyond what is thought possible. Being an Overall skier, I get to compete against the best in the world in all 3 events, plus Overall itself, which always continues to drive me to be better. I truly love the concept of learning and making myself better/more knowledgeable/a more complete person and athlete every day.

What would you tell a young athlete thinking about getting into the sport?

The most important thing is to have fun and to spend time on the water with friends and family who make you better both on and off the water. So often, we forget that the whole point of skiing, and life for that matter, is to love what you do and try to cherish each moment, even when things can feel difficult at times. In the end, my philosophy is that if you put your heart and sole into something that love, there is no such thing as failure as you will gain unbelievable memories and friends along the way.

Share your favorite memory of Dave?

My favorite memory with Dave was after my second Jr. Masters. I was just beginning my journey as a part of the Goode family and was loving my Nano One. I won Overall and Jump, finishing 2nd in Slalom and 3rd in Trick. Dave was so excited for me and immediately rushed over first after Slalom, and then after Jump. Taking pictures with him after the event was one of the moments where the titles started to sink in and I got to experience the joy of the experience while it was happening. Since then, I often look down at my ski and get a rush of appreciation while thinking of everything Dave has done for the sport.

If you could only ski on one ski for the rest of time, which would you choose?

That is a hard question, there are so many great skis and so many memories attached to each ski. But my 9970 Dave sent me is the same one I broke the Overall World Record on, so that has to be the one!