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Elk Grove, CA


I grew up in Elk Grove, CA where I had the opportunity to play a lot of sports growing up. Soccer, baseball, water ski, football, basketball and track. Water skiing was my first love and one I always gravitated to. I went to Saint Mary's College of California when I earned a degree in Sport and Recreation Management with a minor is Business Administration. I started a collegiate water ski team there and hosted the Collegiate Western Region Championships and Collegiate National All Stars. Since 2013 I have worked in the electric utility industry keeping a balance building a career while still pushing the limits and chasing goals with water skiing.

PB - 1@43 off

2nd - 2021 PanAm Championships

4th - 2021 World Championships

3rd - 2021 Hilltop ProAm

4th - 2021 Malibu Open

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Current home training facility

Shortline Lake

Whats your biggest passion besides water skiing?

I enjoy being active snow skiing, yoga, working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

How did you get into water skiing?

My parents water skied and moved onto Shortline Lake shortly after I was born so I grew up around the sport.

Why do you water ski?

There is no other feeling in the world like being on top of the water, I enjoy the constant challenge of working to get to the next buoy and the family aspect of the sport.

What would you tell a young athlete thinking about getting into the sport?

Have fun and enjoy the journey. You have to put the time and work in to accomplish your goals.

Share your favorite memory of Dave?

Having Dave on the shore at big events being one of the first people to congratulate me on a great score as I came out of the water. 2019 California ProAm is one event that stands out. Also talking about ski design and learning from all of his experience through the years from R&D

If you could only ski on one ski for the rest of time, which would you choose?

Goode XTR