Home Town

Milan, Italy




I was born in Milan, Italy. 11/24/1997. I started skiing at the age of 4. My first tournament was in 2005. I studied graphic design in Italy in High School and I graduated from ULL in December 2021 with a degree in Sport Management and a Minor in Business. I am the Italian Slalom record holder U12, U14, U17, U21. I have many European U14, U17, U21 titles in both slalom, trick and overall but my main accomplishments are a 2nd place in slalom at the Open Europeans in 2021. 3rd place in trick at the Open Europeans in 2016. 3rd in Overall at the Junior World Championships in 2015. 8th in slalom at the World Championships in 2017 and 2021. 3rd at the US Masters as a junior in tricks in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.My PB's are:2@39OFF7480 points44,80m

Current home training facility

Swiss Waterski resort

Whats your biggest passion besides water skiing?

I love snowboarding in the winter, I was doing tournaments competitively when I was younger and now I enjoy doing it with my family and spending time all together.

How did you get into water skiing?

My dad owned a ski school near our house in Italy and he is a waterskier as well so he made me try it at a young age.

Why do you water ski?

Since my dad made me try waterski I immediately fell in love with the sport but mostly being able to ski with him and share this passion made me keep going professionally and enjoy it all the time. Now I am motivated by pushing myself to the limit, growing the sport and sharing it with other female athletes.

What would you tell a young athlete thinking about getting into the sport?

Just have fun on the water with your family and friends and always stay focused on you and what you can achieve. There is always improvement in this sport, no matter the age or the level. Most important, listen to the people around you, coaches, family or friends, they are here to help you grow. Also, there is a lot of traveling, and you meet many people around the world, an opportunity not to take for granted.

Share your favorite memory of Dave?

When I was in Italy training for the summer, and Dave was in Lake Palas and I went to grab a set there, you could see he was so passionate about everything, he was helping everyone with everything without even asking. So I was lucky he could come in the boat for me and just enjoy the moment.

If you could only ski on one ski for the rest of time, which would you choose?

XTR cc,. I love it because is super stable, carries a lot of speed and mostly I know that I can push myself and the ski will be there for me.