Hello Composites, Goodbye Aluminum

Leading Through Carbon Technology

In 1990, we forever changed the industry by introducing the world’s first carbon fiber ski pole. Today, Goode is the world leader and produces more composite ski poles than all of the other companies combined.

All of the best performing sporting products are made of carbon fiber – shouldn’t your poles be, too? Experience for yourself why Goode poles ski great!

Lighter • Stronger • Aerodynamic

Our pMaterialatented pole design features thin “pencil” shafts for better balance and feel. Most of our shafts are the same diameter at the top and bottom. Pure carbon composite poles are about 30% lighter and up to six times stronger than aluminum alloy poles, don’t bend, are more durable, and have excellent feel and balance.
Our poles are smaller in diameter, only 10.4Wind Drag mm vs. up to 18 mm. We’re not just lightweight in the store, but we get even more lightweight on the slopes as compared to larger diameter poles that have more wind drag. More wind drag equals exponentially more weight the faster you ski. Lightweight poles simply perform better than heavy ones.

Firm • Flexible • Shock Absorbing

Our firm, flexible shafts take advantage of the natural shock absorption properties of carbon. Lightweight, firm performance, but less “kick back” for better balance, and they’re easier on hands, wrists, elbows and
shoulders.Ski Pole Flex



Technology and Engineering That Makes A Difference

It all started in 1975. Driven by a passion for the sport, Dave Goode founded a company deeply rooted in skiing. Today, in our research, development, and production facility in Ogden, Utah, we are continuing to innovate. Conceptual design, engineering, and testing all take place under one roof.

We Know Carbon

We pioneered its use building the first carbon ski pole, the first carbon water ski, and the first carbon snow ski. But, we don’t just build carbon fiber products. We build products that perform at the highest levels of the sport, that give skiers the best experience, and deliver moments and memories to last a lifetime.

Comfortable • Balanced Grips • Ezee Skee Straps

Ergonomically designed grips are comfortable, perfectly balanced, are easy to hold, and help deliver ideal swing weight. Our patented Inter-Loc™ hook system attaches our straps and gloves to the pole more precisely than traditional straps. This creates the preferred Swing Angle™ putting more energy and control in your hand. Our Inter-Loc™ strap system allows the strap Powderto release from the pole if enough force is applied — potential protection if a pole gets hung on a branch or twig while skiing in the trees. And our exclusive patented Ezee Skee Strap makes it easy to get your hand inside of the wrist strap.

Inter-Change™ Basket System

Our Inter-Change™ basket system allows skiers to change baskets effortlessly and easily. Change your traditional baskets to powder baskets or race baskets in seconds, simply screw a basket off, and snap a different one on.