Nothing Performs Like Carbon Fiber

Experience For Yourself Why Goode Ski Poles Ski Great

Ski PoleOur patented Carbon Fiber ski poles are built with pure aerospace quality Carbon Fiber, are 10.4mm in diameter, and weigh less than 1/2 the weight of an aluminum ski pole.

Traditionally constructed ski poles are made of aluminum and measure about 3/4" in diameter. Aluminum ski poles are heavy, bend very easily, have a lot of wind drag and do not absorb shock.  

The layered Carbon Fiber used in Goode ski poles has a six times (6X) Strength to Weight Ratio over aluminum.  You can actually feel the difference. Carbon Fiber has provided a level of performance that was once a seemingly impossible goal, but is now a reality.

Nothing but the finest and most expensive materials are utilized in our hand-crafted ski poles.

Patent No. 5,024,866
Other Patents Pending