Goode Power-G-Flex™ Hard Shell Boot Reflex Release System

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Product Description

GOODE is now offering PowerShell boots with the Reflex mechanical release system.

GOODE Skis and Reflex have partnered to bring the comfort and performance long associated with the PowerShell 5 boot to the sport’s leading mechanical release system.

“There are a considerable number of skiers who really love the PowerShell boots, but prefer a mechanical release system,” said Dave Goode, founder and president of GOODE Skis.  “This collaboration between two proven industry leaders now gives those skiers a best-in class option that I know many have been looking for.”

A specially designed injection molded piece connects the PowerShell boot to the Reflex toe bar, and an added rear heal cleat secures the boot to the mechanical release.  The PowerShell/Reflex pairing will come standard mounted to a G-10 carbon plate and will also feature a rear half-boot option.

PowerShell boots have long been known for their comfort and performance, powering countless world and national records and serving as the boot of choice for some of this generation’s best skiers, including Regina Jaquess and Thomas Degasperi. 

A "half-boot" rear option is available.

Liners are included in the full and half boot. 

Download Power-G-Flex User's Guide HERE

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* Includes a 1 year manufacture and material warranty. Does not cover neglect or miss-use.