Junior Specialty Ski Pole

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Product Description

About GOODE ski poles

Our patented pole design features thin "pencil" shafts for better balance and feel. The Composite poles are about 30-percent lighter and up to six times stronger than aluminum alloy poles, don't bend, are more durable, and have excellent feel and balance. The Composite poles are smaller in diameter, only 12.7 mm vs. up to 18 mm and most shafts are the same diameter at the top and bottom.

Our firm, flexible shafts take advantage of the natural shock absorption properties of composites. Lightweight, firm performance, but less "kick back" for better balance, and they're easier on hands, wrists, elbow and shoulders.

And we're not just lightweight in the store, we get even more lightweight during a long day on the slopes when compared to larger diameter poles that have more wind drag. Wind drag equals exponentially more weight the faster you ski. Lightweight poles simply perform better than heavy ones.

*Sold as a pair

Color: Bamboo Graphic, Swirl Power, & Mean Green 
Shaft: Patented Composite Fiber  
Diameter: 12.7mm 
Style: Pencil (No Taper) 
Shock Absorption: Highest 
Grip Style: Dual Density 
Wrist strap: Woven Nylon/Buckle with Velcro Easy-In Strap 
Basket Styles: Tri-Disc Baskets 
Weight: 350 grams/pair 
Swing Weight: Medium