BLEMISH Goode XTRcc™ Carbon Core

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Product Description

Demo Goode XTRcc™ Carbon Core

Want a great ski at a great price? Goode Demo skis are the best way to get the ski you want with a fantastic discount! 

The 2020 GOODE XTRcc  is a ski that combines the world record-breaking DNA of the XTR/Nano One shape with the all new "supercharged" Carbon Core.

The Carbon Core drastically increases durability while giving it enhanced performance characteristics. The softer flex is made possible by the ultra-strong core combines effortless, symmetrical turns with quicker rebound that leads to increased side-to-side speed.  And the thinner profile allows the ski to ride slightly deeper in the water, creating a stable, predictable ride throughout the course. 

The XTRcc joins the first carbon-core ski in GOODE’s lineup - the ReVOcc - which was released at the 2019 GOODE US Water Ski National Championships last August. “After seeing how the Carbon Core performed in the ReVOcc, we knew we were really on to something that was going to move this sport forward,” said Dave Goode, president and founder of GOODE Skis. “This new core technology takes skis that were already very, very good to a whole new level.”

The XTRcc features:

  • The all-new Carbon Core: Greater rebound, more stability at the ball and increased durability. 
  • A thinner profile: The carbon core’s increased strength allows for a thinner side profile, leading to a deeper-riding ski that offers skiers a more connected-to-the-water feeling. 
  • Softer flex patterns: The carbon core led to the holy grail of ski design - soft flex patterns that produce indestructible, symmetrical turns, with quick rebound out of the turn that generates amplified side-to-side speed. 
  • Larger, rounder bevels: Working in concert with the thinner profile, refined bevels provide a more stable, predictable ride, resulting in more buoys even when things don’t go as planned (read: better scrambling ability).

 Additional features:

  • Factory installed brass inserts
  • Precision finbox
  • PowerShell and G-Flex ready
  • Handmade in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A
  • Five-year warranty

Recommended Ski Sizes

  • 63″ – Skier's weight up to 100 pounds
  • 65″ – Skier's weight up to 125 pounds
  • 66″ – Skier's weight between 120 and 160 pounds
  • 67" – Skier's weight between 150 and 190 pounds
  • 68" - Skier's weight 185 pounds and up.

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*Demo skis have been lightly used throughout the 2021 season.