Home Town

Dortmund, Germany


I grew up in Dortmund, Germany, and skied together with my family on a lake a little more than an hour from my hometown. After High School, I moved to Lafayette, LA, and joined the Ragin Cajun waterski team while pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management at the University of Lousiana at Lafayette. After I had graduated, I joined a sports program in the German army. The program allowed me to focus on waterskiing.

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Current home training facility

Pickos Ski School

Whats your biggest passion besides water skiing?

Other sports like snow skiing, running, biking, or simply working out. I love being active and enjoy being outside.

How did you get into water skiing?

My dad's and family's passion for the sport got me into waterskiing. We used to spend every single weekend in the summer at the lake. When I was about five years old, my dad put me on water skis for the first time. I immediately loved it and quickly improved my skills on the water.

Why do you water ski?

As a young girl, my dad shared his passion for the sport with my family and me. Shortly after, he got me hooked, as well. Over the years, it has become my lifestyle, and I would not want to miss a single day that I have spent on the water in the past.

What would you tell a young athlete thinking about getting into the sport?

Don't ever give up - learning how to ski is a process and will be challenging. It takes time to progress but I promise you that if you keep trying the results will come.

Share your favorite memory of Dave?

Dave's heart for the skier.

If you could only ski on one ski for the rest of time, which would you choose?

Goode XTR Carbon Core