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I am a Sports Mindset Coach at Winning Mindset- I help athletes with the mental game of sports. Former Tennis pro and Division 1 College player. I started waterskiing at the age of 26 in the mini course. I have risen in the pro ranks to #7 in the world.

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Current home training facility

LaPoint Ski Park

Whats your biggest passion besides water skiing?

Helping animals in need

How did you get into water skiing?

I bought a ski on Overton’s when I was 26 before I had a boat, people, or a place to ski. I knew I could get up on one ski from summer camp and I knew how much I loved it. I went online to search for people to ski with, and I happened to come across some tournament skiers. They introduced me to the mini course my first time out, and I was hooked!

Why do you water ski?

I love the feeling of gliding on top of the water. There is something that seems supernatural about it. The pull at short line behind the boat is a huge rush!

What would you tell a young athlete thinking about getting into the sport?

Water skiing is the most fun sport on the planet. It gets better and better the more you improve. It takes lots of dedication and commitment but it’s so worth it!

Share your favorite memory of Dave?

Dave was always hustling at nationals and had the busiest booth. He brought so much energy to every conversation. I was always impressed by his work ethic and innovation.

If you could only ski on one ski for the rest of time, which would you choose?

66 XTR!!