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click here if you want to learn how to demo a GOODE Ski and PowerShellTM Boots.


all new GOODE skis are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years.

The All New NANO - "twist"TM

The NANO "twist"TM features advanced NANO Carbon/Resin technology, an Industry first!

Carbon NANOTubes (pictured to the right) are no bigger than 1 billionth of an inch and help make a lighter, stronger and faster water ski.

Another Industry first is the longitudinal "twist" that is designed into the ski. This "twist" creates different rockers on both sides of the ski.

As skiers, we turn our "on-side" with our back foot and our "off-side" with our front foot. The distance between your turning foot and the fin are not the same thus creating a different leverage ability.

The NANO "twist"TM  places the rocker in the correct spot for each turn and virtually removes the idea of an "Off-Side" turn.

Here is what skiers are saying:

"The NANO "twist"TM  is sweet! The best ski I have ever been on! The "twist" allows the ski to come through the turn on each side quicker and smoother allowing you to stay more open with less rotation." - Dave Miller, CAN, 34mph World Record Holder - 2010 Big Dawg Champion

"Goode has done it again! I ran a practice Personal Best on the NANO "twist"TM the first day I skied on it! It is so easy to ski! It is unreal!" - Chad Scott, LA, National Competitor - World Record Driver

"Dave, Just wanted to say the Nano is by far the best ski ever.  Very stable, first set on it 3 @38, second set 4@38 in high wind conditions. I will run it today!  You should rename it to ZOE  (zero off equalizer). I am serious !! It hides my mistakes and keeps on going! I've been in three independent ski test through the years and this is bar none the very best ski of all!" - Keith Albritton

"That ski is quite unbelievable!"  - Mike Munn, TX (Click below to listen to a recorded phone call between Mike Munn and Dave Goode)

"Amazing ski! It held so well...comes right back under me... rockets across the wake...this is going to be my best year yet!" - Brent Stanley, CA (Click below to listen to a recorded phone call between Brent Stanley and Dave Goode)

"I am so excited I'm coming out of my skin!  It is just unbelievable!" - Pete Bauer (Click below to listen to a recorded phone call between Pete Bauer and Dave Goode)

"I have skied it 3 sets and I have smiled after each set....smooth and quick!" - Brad Brasho (Click below to listen to a recorded phone call between Brad Brasho and Dave Goode)

NANO Video Links
Chad Scott and Chet Raley Discuss the NANO
Chad Scott Wins the Big Dawg Qualifer #1
Chad Scott Sets a Pending National Record

* All New Model Featuring NANO CARBON/RESIN Construction
* ”twist” Design – BI-Rocker Technology
* Asymmetric Design – Right, Left
* 3 Shapes - Traditional, MID-RIDE, WIDE-RIDE
* 3 Models - NANO-32 (up to 32mph/52k) NANO-34 (34mph/55k) and NANO-36 (36mph/58k)
* 3 Flexes in Each Length
* Digitally Printed - White Smoke Graphics
* PowerShell – PowerPlate Ready
* Precision Finbox – Standard Black Fin
* Handcrafted in the USA
* Each NANO“twist” comes with a 5 year warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Add PowerShellTM Boots, PowerPlateTM or rubber boots to your ski order.

NANO "twist"TM MID-RIDE - Dimensionally, the NANO MID fits right between the NANO WIDE-RIDE and the Traditional Shaped NANO. Click here for the AMP Sizing Chart.

NANO "twist"TM  TRADITIONAL - Dimensionally, the NANO Traditional  is a traditional shaped ski and has the narrowest forebody of the NANOs. Click here for the AMP Sizing Chart.

NANO "twist"TM  WIDE-RIDE - Dimensionally, the NANO WIDE-RIDE has the widest forebody of the NANOs. Click here for the AMP Sizing Chart.


The GOODE/Eagle Birds of Prey vest  is made from the most flexible and highest grade neoprene available with a front zip design.

* Ultra-stretch 1mm neoprene
* Extra large arm holes
* Ergonomically placed 13mm flotation front and back
* Back padding is designed to give skiers back support and side protection.
* Light and flexible, you won't even realize you have a vest on.
* Click HERE for the Sizing Chart

Please note: This vest is NOT Coast Guard Approved, but IS skier approved.



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store | water skis | snow skis | ski poles | accessories | customer service | news | | blog | my account