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Costa Rica Awaits!

Dawn and I just returned from a great adventure to Water Ski Costa Rica. Jim Kilsdonk is a great host and really knows how to treat his guests.

During our week stay in Costa Rica, we made new friends, saw many things, experienced many adventures, laughed a lot, and skied a ton.

I was really happy with the performance of the PowerVest. Dawn had not skied since late September and I had not skied in 5 weeks. In past ‘off-season’ skiing scenarios, I would always feel as if my arms, shoulders and back were being hit with a sledgehammer for the first week of skiing. I was happy that the PowerVest worked perfectly! I only felt a nice ‘glow’ to my upper body muscles!

Many of the guests tried the GOODE 9900SL WIDE RIDE during their stay in Costa Rica. Everyone who tried it either set or tied their Personal Best! The general comments are that the ski is very predictable, stable and turns on a dime!

You can learn more about Water Ski Costa Rica at: http://www.waterskicostarica.com