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Team GOODE’s T-Gas, Parsons and Javier sweep in Mexico

There must be something about GOODE skis and Latin American water.  A little over a month after GOODE skiers went 1-2-3 at the Peru Big Dawg, pro Team GOODE members Thomas Degasperi, Nick Parsons and Javier Julio swept the podium at the Proa Nautique Mexico Open.

T-Gas scored a half buoy at 41-feet off to earn his first professional title of the year, while Nick and Javier placed second and third with 4-1/2 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off and 4-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off, respectively.  Like the top three finishers at the Peru Big Dawg, all three rode the GOODE NANO-“twist” with PowerShell 5 boots.

The tournament was held at the Urban Wake Water Ski Complex in Querétaro, Mexico, and featured a field that included Brooks Wilson, Jason McClintock, Daniel Odvarko, and several of Latin America’s top skiers.

24 Hours of Sunlight Endurance Race Results

GOODE sponsored skiers, Eric “Sully” Sullivan and Dina Mishev, won the 4th Annual 24 Hours of Sunlight Endurance  Randonee Race in the Men’s and Women’s Solo Groups. The race started on February 7th and continued through February 8th, 2009 in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Last year, Eric Sullivan of Crested Butte, set the current world record for “most human powered vertical feet in 24 hours”.   He completed 34 laps and reached 51,068 vertical feet, which is 47.6 miles.  This year, Eric completed 27 laps, which is a distance travelled of 37.8 miles , and an elevation gain of 40,554 feet.

Dina Mishev, of Jackson Hole, WY,  reached her goal of setting the Women’s World Record.  Dina completed 23 laps for a distance travelled of 32.2 miles, and an elevation gain of 34,546 feet, to set a new Women’s World Record.

Both skiers were racing on lightweight GOODE Carbon Fiber Randonee Skis.  GOODE skis were used by the first place racers the last four years.  Greg Hill won the first two 24 Hours of Sunlight riding his GOODE skis and set the Men’s World Record in 2006 and 2007.  Eric “Sully” Sullivan used GOODE Skis for his World Record performace in 2008 and his win again this year.

The week before this year’s race, Dina Mishev wrote Dave Goode the following: “I skied the randonees for the first time two days ago. Even better than how light they are? They ski like real skis! You are a genius.    -Dina”

More info will follow as soon a Sully and Dina recover from their races and can report in with more race details and photos.

Bära korta kjolar, syster kamma håret typ, lyssna på jazz, publicitet för att uttrycka sitt förakt för de sociala gamla seder, är biltvätt kjol utvecklats i tiden med en veckad kjol. Du kan se dem och utformade klänningen är alla blommor och slag, såsom: plisserade kjolar, lotusblad kjol, tvätt kjolar och så vidare. Populära klänning stilar förändras också över tiden förändras. r visar också värt ett besök med college vind, är pälsväst rekommenderas att ta biltvätt kjolar, höga klackar och sedan steg dubbel dominerande, det är också bra.
Under 2016 våren och sommaren T-steget, har det varit tvättning kjol. Fringe element, bohemiska element, tryckning och andra element också berikas. Jinzhai skjorta bärs, lokal utskrift, ränder.
Till den populära biltvätt kjol stil är mer självklart, men också mer populärt upp Balklänningar,




Outdoor Retailer Show Concludes Today

SNOWBASIN, UT – GOODE Ski Technologies exhibited its latest gear at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Show.

The Outdoor Retailer Show brings retail buyers of outdoor and wintersports centric stores from all over the world to Salt Lake City each January for its Winter Market . 

Buyers looking for new products for the upcoming selling season know that the Outdoor Retailer Show is a powerful buying event.

The OR show started with an on-snow Backcountry Basecamp at Snowbasin Ski Resort.  The four day indoor show, which follows the on-snow demos, was held in Salt Lake City and concluded today.

“It was a great show!”, said Dave Goode. “Our customers come here to see the most innovative new gear. I was  pleased to overhear a dealer say, as he was leaving at the end of the show, that the GOODE Skis were the best skis he had tested at the entire show.”, concludes Goode.

Hensley Gold, Ambrosi Silver at Junior Worlds

LIMA, PERU – GOODE Skier and USA athlete, Caroline Hensley, won the gold medal in slalom by running 2 @ 38’off at the 12th Junior Water Ski World Championships, January 7-11, at the Bujama Lacus Lakes in Lima, Peru. In the preliminary round earlier in the week, Hensley tied the women’s junior world slalom record with a score of 3 buoys at 38 off to earn the top seed for the finals.  

Hensley won two gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal. She also won the gold medal in women’s overall with over 2,810 points.

GOODE Skier and Mexican athlete, Sandro Ambrosi, earned the silver medal, scoring 3 @ 38’ off.

The US Junior Water Ski Team won the gold medal with 8,053.97, France earned the silver medal with 7,801.4 points, and Australia earned the bronze medal with 6,673.16 points.


“There is a big smile stuck on my face since the finals on Sunday and I thank you for making it possible.”, said Ben Favret. 

“Your sponsorship and investment into the Big Dawg Series has reinvigorated the sport of water skiing and made it more entertaining for competitors, recreational skiers and sports fans across the world. I have received no less than 100 emails, text messages and phone calls from friends and ski fans with their congratulations and all of them talk about how much they enjoyed the webcast and event. I thank you on their behalf as well.”, Ben continues.

“This 43 year old body is sore after all that skiing this weekend. But it is a good sore, the kind that keeps you wanting more and knowing the work you put into something is working and helping you to achieve your goals. After a few more days off it will be time to start getting ready for next year’s event and I am sure it will be bigger and better than ever with your support!”

When talking about his new GOODE 9900SL, that he rode to the Big Dawg Finals victory, Ben states, “You have to ski good, have strength and endurance and get a little lucky to have a shot at winning in the head to head format. I guess I had the right balance of each on Sunday and got the win. To ski your best four rounds in one day at super short rope you need a ski that is consistent and predictable but still aggressive and fast.”

Ben Favret has been skiing on GOODE Skis ever since the first GOODE 9100 was introduced over 13 years ago.


TIANJIN, CHINA – Jaquess won gold medals in women’s slalom (2.5 @ 38′off), jumping (161 feet) and overall (3,000 points), at the 2nd FISU World University Water Ski Championships. Regina also set a new WUC World Record in the preliminary rounds of the trick event with a score of 7,550.

“Regina started this year with a win at the Masters in slalom in May, and to see her finish so strong at the FISU World University Water Ski Championships, this October, is just amazing.”, said Dave Goode. “I think Regina really likes China! Dawn and I were there in 2005 and we watched Regina win the Slalom and Overall World Championships.”, Goode continues. “Regina is a great athelete and competitor. She really knows how to rise to the top when it matters.”, Goode concludes.

Regina was riding her new GOODE 9900SL and GOODE PowerPlate to victory.