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Ski Areas Rate GOODE Rental Ski Poles #1

The Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Buying Program (SARA-BP) uses three test ski area rental shops to try to get a feel for how the submitted products hold up in regular rental usage.

As their members know, rental usage is very different from consumer product usage and rental equipment needs to be durable, easy to rent, easy for new users to understand , and perform well. This was a subjective test and the comments from the rental managers are shown below.

Each of the three rental shops participating in the test program are identified with a *  or  +  or  #  to differentiate their remarks.

 Here are the comments:

GOODE Ski Poles

 *These poles are very durable and lightweight for rental use. It is nice to see a pole that can withstand the use of a high volume rental department, but not look or feel like a bulky aluminum pole. These poles went out at least once a day and on big rental days twice, overall I give these poles an A.

+ GOODE Poles  [A] + [T]   Perfect poles. For 6 years No problems with over 1000 pr of poles.  A couple of broken baskets and we had extras to replace them with.  

 # We have been using these poles for several seasons they are durable and lightweight.  This is the only pole we rent.

GOODE Ski Poles are made of high strength composite materials and are lightweight and durable. GOODE Ski Technologies is located in Ogden, UT.