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Comments from COSMIC Race Winner – Brian Smith

Hey Dave, I was meaning to get an e-mail out before now but I have been busy at work. 

The GOODE skis are the best randonee skis I have skied so far.  They ski like a big board not an 875 gm race ski.  They are predictable and solid from tip to tail.  I have never gone as fast as I did on a 160 ski before!

As for the race:  I had my binding ice up on the start.  I lost like 5 minutes to the leaders (Bryan Wickenhauser for 75% of the race) before I got the ice cleared and the pack was out of sight.  I just about waited till the leaders came in for lap two to have people to race with.  I got really mad and just went as hard as I could.  After two climbs and some crazy fast descending I got within a minute of Bryan with about 30 minutes left in the race.  I took over the lead at the start of the boot pack and never looked back.  I won by 1 minute 40 seconds!  My first randonee win to date!

All in all I was blown away by the big ski performance of such a light ski.  Very snappy and stable at high speeds.  Being an alpine ski racer growing up I can appreciate a good stiff ski.  You have really helped to bring my randonee racing to a new level.  Thanks, Dave!
                                                                                                     – Brian Smith

GOODE Skis is a proud sponsor of Brian Smith. Brian also won the 2008  Xterra Winter World  Championships. Brian uses the GOODE Rando 160cm. Click here for more info.