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Dina Mishev Set a World Record on her GOODE Skis

OGDEN, UT – Dina Mishev (USA) has been awarded a Certificate from Guinness World Records LTD for skiing the most vertical uphill ever by a woman.

Dina achieved this feat on February 8, 2009 while competing in the Annual 24 Hours Of Sunlight event held at Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Dina writes to Dave Goode, “Having just (finally) got the certificate from Guinness stating I did in fact set a World Record at Sunlight last year, I wanted to thank you again for the skis.

I don’t think I could have done it without them. Or, if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed the downhill nearly as much!

They really are fun to ski given their mini-ness. In fact, the dozen or so times I’ve been out so far this year (always skinning uphill of course), those are the skis I’ve been on. Even in back- country powder.

Actually, there are two reasons those are the only skis I’ve been out on this year. The first is that they do in fact ski much better than their size would indicate. The second is that my AT powder skis weigh no less than 43 pounds (give or take a few).

You went above and beyond helping me with skis for Sunlight. Thank you!”

Dina set her World Record on the 160cm GOODE Pure CARBON Fiber Randonee Race skis. GOODE is the only company in the World to build a Pure CARBON fiber snow ski.

GOODE is the worldwide leader in CARBON COMPOSITE Ski Poles, Snow Skis and Water Skis.

SMITH and DUSSAULT win XTERRA Winter World Championships

OGDEN, UT – Brian Smith (Gunnison, CO) and Rebecca Dussault (Gunnison, CO) won the second annual XTERRA Winter World Championships which were held at Snowbasin Ski Resort. The XTERRA Winter World Championship is a multisport race that combines 10-kilometers of mountain biking on hard packed snow with 5km of snowshoeing, 5km of running, and 8km of randonee ski mountaineering.

Both Smith and Dussault were using GOODE Randonee Race Skis.

Brian Smith defended his title in two hours and 21 seconds, more than five minutes ahead of two-time Winter Triathlon World Champion Nicolas Lebrun from France.
“It feels good to defend the title,” said Smith. “I wanted to be flawless today and I was able to put some gaps on the field in the first climbing section on the bike and from there I just stayed on the gas and pulled away. My GOODE Skis were just awesome.” Smith posted the fastest randonee ski split of the day with a 39:39 .
Last year Rebecca Dussault had a two-minute lead heading into the final ski stage but was on a heavy telemark ski set-up while eventual champion Sari Anderson came screaming by her on randonnee rig and took away the win.
It was an important equipment lesson learned for Dussault and the same situation would not be repeated … for two reasons 1) Anderson stayed home nursing a cold, and 2) Dussault was on her new pair of GOODE Randonnee race skis made of pure carbon fiber that are half the weight and twice the physical properties of other comparable skis that have wood in them.  

Dussault was also in much better shape and focus this time around having won the USA Winter Triathlon Nationals and earning a bronze medal at the Winter Triathlon World Championships in Austria, where she became the first American to ever medal.
“I’m in much better shape than last year, and I’m the proud owner of GOODE Skis for four days now” exclaimed Dussault.  “These skis are so lightweight and really fun on the downhills.”
The 8-time U.S. National XC Ski Champion and 2006 Winter Olympian dominated just about every phase of today’s race – posting the fastest bike, run, and ski splits.  Only Myriam Guillot from France, the XTERRA Winter European Champ, had a better snowshoe time.
In the end Dussault finished nearly 15 minutes ahead of Lisa Isom, with long-time XTERRA pro Jenny Tobin in third, Guillot in fourth, and Jari Kirkland in fifth.

“To have GOODE Skis finish 1st, 4th and 5th in the Men’s Division and 1st, 2nd and 5th in the Women’s Division was great! It was nice to see our randonee skis perform so well.”, said Dave Goode, President and Founder of GOODE Ski Technologies. “This event requires that the athlete’s conditioning and equipment be the best. I was happy to see GOODE Skis help the athletes win.”, GOODE continues. “The organizers of the XTERRA, Snowbasin Ski Resort and all of the volunteers did an amazing job.”, GOODE concludes.

More GOODE Rando Results From Snomass

Hey Dave!

Just wanted to report some more results from the race this last weekend in Snowmass.  

Thanks a ton for the great support and killer skis!!!
Next stop is Monarch this weekend… it’s a busy 6 weeks with Xterra next weekend the Powder Keg after that, the USSMA Nat’s in Jackson then the Grand Traverse the last weekend in March!!!


There must be something in the water here in the Gunnison Valley (or maybe it’s the skis!) as the domination continued this week in the COSMIC series. The Valley posted 4 out of the 5 top spots in the mens field with the “youngster” Travis Scheefer leading the way. 

This weeks’ race in Snowmass is always highly anticipated and hotly contested. The course is the only point to point on the circuit and features some great varied terrain; both groomed and ungroomed climbs, steep off piste descents, back country traversing and even a bit of kick and glide to test everyone’s skills.

First out of the blocks was Wick with the usual suspects trailing his tails. It didn’t take long to reach the first real pitch and sort things out a bit with Brian Smith and Travis, then Wick and I and Max Taam a few seconds back. This is pretty much how it stayed up until the first short descent at Rock Island. I had pulled up on Travis and Wick had dropped back a couple of seconds but going in to the descent I bobbled a little and left the transition with Smithy, Travis and Wick up ahead and Max right with me. Up the next climb we went off piste and the more technical climbing brought the chase group together until the cat road at the top. At that point, Smithy was still about a minute up but Travis and Wick through down a little surge of kick and glide to the next downhill transition and pulled away from Max and I. The descent was steep and then into a fun little glade. I couldn’t believe how fast those guys disappeared but was happy to see all but Smithy still in the transition when I pulled up. 

The next climb was up a series of groomers to the backcountry gate leading to a traverse over to the top of Buttermilk. I knew this was going to be the last chance to bridge up to Max or Wick and Travis but as I crested the top I could see that Trav and Wick had the same thoughts and heading up the last pitch they had caught on to Brian. From that point I lost contact and didn’t see them until slapping 5 after the finish. Too bad for me since it turned out to be such a tight finish – I would have loved to see it!

As for me, I hit the BC gate and had a great ski through the “Ewok” forest portion -ducking and dodging at high rate of speed. At one point I was thankful not to be ripping through there with 4 other guys tip to tail! There was one last uphill transition that came and went without incident and knowing I only had about 10 minutes of traversing the last bit of ridge before the high speed groomer to the finish, I made sure to enjoy the scenery. 

So at the finish I got the low down on what played out up front and again, sure wish I was part of it! I guess after Wick and Travis bridged they all went ripping through the woods together and hit Buttermilk at the same time. Travis and Smithy got a little bit of an edge on Wick and went down at terminal velocity. Travis must have had a tighter tuck and flew across the finish less than a second ahead of Brian for the closest finish this year and maybe in any COSMIC race (?)! 

Congratulations goes out to everyone that competed and a big thanks to Pete and Mona and all of the volunteers that helped put on another great event!

GOODE Skis is a proud sponsor of Team Crested Butte. GOODE builds light-weight Carbon Fiber Randonee Racing Skis.