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Team GOODE Performs Well At The BIG DAWG

KATY, TEXAS – Canadian Todd Johnson won the first stop of the 2010 Big Dawg Series which took place on June 26 & 27, 2010 at the Lakes of Katy, near Houston, Texas.
GOODE Skis had an impressive showing. Of the 45 Big Dawg skiers, 25 were skiing on GOODE. Nine of the Sweet Sixteen (in photo above) were riding GOODE. 6 of 8 in the round of eight were riding on GOODE and 3 of 4 were into the finals (1 WIDE RIDE, 1 MID RIDE and 1 Regular 9900SL).
Over 10% of the qualifying Big Dawg competitors and 25% of the finalists were wearing the GOODE PowerVest.
31 different skiers ran 38′ off during the preliminary rounds.  In total, 38′ Off (or 11.25m) was run a total of 68 times between the preliminary & head to head events.  39′ Off (10.75m) was run a total of 14 times (8 times in prelims & 6 times by 5 different skiers during the head to head). 
Bruce Dodd (first row, second from the left), who finished second overall, kept the TC busy with two performances (both 1.5 @ 41′ off) which will be submitted for Canadian National Records for the Mens 5 Division.
Jerry Goodson won the special Night Finals event. When the sun set on the Lakes of Katy, 8 Big Dawg skiers took to the water to compete head-to-head under the lights for a winner take-all prize pot.  All the night time skiers had a memorable time skiing in the lighted course in front of the crowd.  GOODE Ski Technologies supplied the PowerBuoy lighted course. The event was capped off with a fireworks display.
GOODE is a proud sponsor of The Big Dawg Slalom Series which consists of two qualifying events and a series championship. The series, now in its seventh season, is open to slalom skiers 35 years of age or older who have not placed in the top 10 in a professional tournament in the past three years. The championship includes two rounds of 34 mph record-capability slalom action followed by a bracketed 16-skier head-to-head final.

Chris Parrish Sets a New Official World Record – 2 buoys @ 43′off

COVINGTON, LA – Chris Parrish set an Official Men’s Slalom World Record of 2 buoys @ 43’off (9.75m) in the first round of the Sunday, June 13, 2010 Ski Ranch tournament. This scores beats his previous record of 1-1/2 buoys @ 43’off (9.75m) that he originally set on August 28, 2005.

“Wow, unbelievable!” said an excited Chris Parrish. “I can’t believe it! I am stunned.” After gaining composure from the moment, he said, “The Ski Nautique 200, with its great pull and small flat wake, let my GOODE 9900SL take me to a new Personal Best and the World Record! Chad (Chad Scott, boat driver) was dialed in and in a zone! I still can’t believe it!”

When asked about the new GOODE BubbleBuoys that were being used at the tournament, Chris said, “It is such a comfort to know that if you hit a BubbleBuoy you have less of a chance of having an injury.”

“Chris has been knocking on the door ever since he switched to GOODE Skis,” said Dave Goode, President/Founder of GOODE Ski Technologies. “The weekend after he joined Team GOODE in September 2009, he tied his previous World Record twice in back to back days. And, just yesterday he tied his previous record twice, again, in the same day! His 39-1/2’ offs look like 32’ offs and his 41’ offs look like 35’ offs!” Goode continues. “This was the first World Record that I got to personally witness. In the mid 1990’s, I was not present to see Jeff Rodgers or Kristi Overton-Johnson set their World Records on GOODE 9100’s. I did, however, get to see Karina Nowlan on her GOODE 9800SL and Regina Jaquess on her GOODE 9900SL, each tie Kristi’s record. I then got
to see Chris on his GOODE 9900SL tie his own record four times.”

“Chris is such an impressive skier,” continues Goode. “With his 6’5” height, superb technique, timing, physical strength and mental toughness, Chris is able to mechanically add length to the rope. For his weight, he skis very light on the line, which allows him to keep his ski moving side to side and not load the boat. His pure Carbon Fiber GOODE 9900SL provided him great cross course speed and precise turns. Add the driving talent of world-class driver Chad Scott along with Claire and David DiPol’s fabulous site, Covington Ski Ranch, and what do you get?…… A New Men’s Slalom World Record! This is a day that Dawn and I will always remember!” concludes Goode.

GOODE Carbon Fiber Skis are built in Ogden, UT.

GOODE BubbleBuoy Announced!

COVINGTON, LA – The BubbleBuoy was announced on May 23, 2010 at the Ski Ranch 6 Round Record water ski tournament.

“The BubbleBuoy is a new water ski turn buoy that is designed to reduce the risk of injury when impacting a buoy during shortline competitive skiing,” said Dave Goode. ”Last October, I broke my left ankle when I hit 2 buoy at 38′ off. I spent the last 8 months healing and developing a buoy that would be safer than traditional, old-school, air inflated buoys,” Goode continues.
“Over my water skiing years, I have broken my ankle 3 times from buoy strikes. I also have personally spoken to 51 skiers who have broken their ankles last year alone due to contact with buoys!,” Goode states. ”The injury mechanism develops when a ski hits a traditionally air inflated buoy and it is sent into the air. When the ski impacts the water again, generally on your offside turn, the stored energy while airborne is concentrated to the water impact, which is like jumping off of a 2nd story balcony! No binding can be designed to release through the ski, we just need to reduce the possibility and height  of the ski going airborne. One hour after I broke my ankle last fall, I vowed never to ski around another traditionally air inflated buoy!”, Goode concludes.
Click Here to watch the video of the BubbleBuoy (created on an iPhone).
GOODE is now accepting orders for the BubbleBuoy. Contact GOODE at 1-801-621-2300 email goode@goode.com.
Notice: Please note that the BubbleBuoy is designed to reduce and not eliminate the possibility of injury. Water skiing is a dangerous sport and injury is still possible when hitting a BubbleBuoy.

Bryan Wickenhauser & Brian Smith Win 13th Annual Elk Mountain Grand Traverse

An Email from Bryan Wickenhauser:

Folks -

A quick THANK YOU to all our equipment supporters who make the gear that we race on.  Brian Smith & I over the weekend won the 13th Annual Elk Mountain Grand Traverse! 

Unfortunately due to some intense weather that rolled in the night of the race, the route was changed and we didn’t get to finish in Aspen.  The surrounding Elk Mountains due offer some great terrain and the organisers were able to scramble and salvage a great “plan B” course that had nearly 7000 ft of vertical gain/loss over nearly 35+ miles of racing, with a finish back at the base area of Crested Butte Resort.

The top five teams were all on lightweight AT gear!

Thanks for your support!

Bryan Wickenhauser & Brian Smith

Both Bryan and Brian won while using their GOODE Pure Carbon Fiber Randonee Race Skis. GOODE Skis are made in Ogden, Utah.

Kirk Langford Named Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Goode Ski Technologies

OGDEN, UTAH – Goode is pleased to announce that industry veteran Kirk Langford has accepted the position of Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Goode Ski Technologies.  Langford has strong, proven leadership experience in premium brand marketing, advertising, product management, sales, and executive management in the outdoor winter sports market.  He has extensive industry experience.  For the past three years he was Vice President of Sales for Nordica USA, where he helped strengthen and increase brand share, broaden product strength, and improve retailer relations.  Prior to that, Langford was Executive Vice President of Marker USA.  During his 19 year tenure at Marker his leadership was instrumental in helping Marker grow into a market leader.

In announcing the appointment, President and CEO Dave Goode said, “We are pleased and excited Kirk will be joining the Goode team.  Goode Ski Technologies is the leader in carbon innovation for snow skis, ski poles, water skis and water ski bindings.  We are planning to launch new and even bigger product innovations in the near future.  We’re confident that the knowledge, experience, professional dedication, and passion Kirk brings to this new position will help Goode grow our brand – through strong product innovation, improved distributor and retailer relationships, and by developing an even stronger worldwide consumer franchise for all our products.”

In commenting on his new position, Kirk Langford stated, “I look forward to working with Dave and Goode Ski Technologies.  Dave has proven to me that the strong consumer performance benefits related to innovative carbon product construction are unparalleled.  I’m impressed with the existing products and very excited about the tremendous possibilities the future holds for new consumer products designed with even more advanced engineering and carbon innovation.  I share Dave’s passion and mission – to build only the very best products out of the highest quality materials, to exceed consumer performance expectations, and to be an excellent worldwide business partner with our distributors and retailers.  I’m excited to bring my experience and energy to this new position and help contribute to Goode’s success, and to the success of our partners, and to all the consumers who ultimately use our products.” 

Founded by Dave Goode in 1975, Goode Ski Technologies, a privately held international company, located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Ogden, Utah, is a market leader in carbon innovation for snow skis, ski poles, water skis, and water ski bindings.  Goode is a leading supplier to the best athletes and specialty shops throughout the world.

GOODE Announces the all new 9900SL MID

OGDEN, UT – GOODE Ski Technologies introduced today a new tournament-class water ski – the GOODE 9900SL MID.

Dimensionally, the MID fits right between the GOODE 9900SL WIDE RIDE and standard GOODE 9900SL. The MID creates fluid starts to each turn, like the standard 9900SL, and finishes each turn “clean”, like the WIDE RIDE.  The MID is a great choice for skiers who are undecided between the WIDE RIDE and standard 9900SL.

“The MID was first tested in the fall of 2009 on GOODE Ski Lake by 2009 World Cup Slalom Champion Nick Parsons (pictured to the right),” said Dave Goode, President/Founder of GOODE Ski Technologies, Ogden, UT. “Nick had only skied on the MID 3 sets before we flew to a 6 round Record Tournament at Ski Ranch, in Louisiana.  During that tournament, Nick ran his Personal Best (3 buoys @ 41′off/10.25m) three of the six rounds!” Goode continues. “The 9900SL MID is a mix of the standard 9900SL and the 9900SL WIDE RIDE. It is designed to take a skier’s performance to the next level and to a new Personal Best,” concludes Goode.

The 9900SL MID uses GOODE’s SL asymmetric features.  There are two models of skis in each length and flex, each designed for a specific skier, Right-Foot Forward or Left-Foot Forward. The 9900SL MID is made with a premium grade PURE Carbon Fiber construction. 

Each 9900SL MID ski compensates for the flex and torsional differences introduced by different skiing styles and virtually removes the idea of an “Off-Side” turn.

“My best three scores of 2009 were on the MID! Very fluid in the turn and a clean finish, too,” said Nick Parsons.

Dean Drozd said, “It carries out great in the pre-turn, supports my weight well through the turn and has a smooth finish. Very fast across the wakes. I have run more 38′offs on the MID than any other ski.”

“The GOODE 9900SL MID is the perfect combination between the standard 9900SL and the WIDE RIDE.  The MID creates excellent course width and maintains its speed in the turns,” said 2009 Diablo Shores Master Men’s Champion, Chad Scott.

The 9900SL MID can be ordered directly from GOODE by calling 1-888-GO-GOODE (888-464-6633) or by going on-line at www.goode.com.

GOODE Skis hold both the Men’s and Women’s World Slalom Records.

Larkin Wins 2010 Moomba Men’s Slalom – Chris Parrish 2nd, Nick Parsons 3rd

MELBOURNE, AUS – Aaron Larkin (NZL) won the men’s slalom event at the 2010 Moomba Masters today.

Larkin and current World Record Holder, Chris Parrish, tied with 2.5 buoys at 38′ off, after a reride was given to Larkin. Larkin won the run-off. Nick Parsons was 3rd place and ran 1.5 buoys at 38′off.

After the previous day’s rain and hail storms, water conditions were very difficult as many top skiers did not run the 35′off/12m line length.

Nick Parsons said, “The conditions were very challenging today. The fast moving current and the high water from the storms made the Yarra River’s waters very rough.”  “There was also lots of drama over the reride given to Aaron and the reride not given to April.”, continued Parsons. “My GOODE 9900SL and PowerShell Boots skied great in these less than ideal conditions. I’d like to thank the sponsors of Moomba for hosting another great event.”

GOODE Skis are made in Ogden, Utah and are made of PURE Carbon Fiber.


MELBOURNE, AUS – Cathryn Humphrey (AUS) won the women’s slalom event at the 2010 Moomba Masters today beating World Record Holder, Karina Nowlan (AUS), who finished 2nd place, and current World Cup Champion, Karen Truelove (USA), who finished 3rd.
The Yarra River was swollen from the previous day’s hail storms and proved to be highly challenging to all of the skiers. Cathryn was the first skier off of the dock and scored 2 buoys @ 35′off/12m. Karina decided to start at the 32′off/13m line length and scored 1 buoy @ 35′off/12m.
GOODE Skis finished 1-2-3. GOODE PowerShell Boots finished 1-2.

GOODE & OGC Sign Distribution Agreement

OGDEN, UT – GOODE Ski Technologies of Ogden, Utah and Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC) have concluded an agreement making OGC the exclusive Canadian distributor for GOODE snow products.
OGC will immediately begin taking orders for the 2010-2011 snow season.
GOODE is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of CARBON Composite Ski Poles, Snow and water skis. In 1990, Founder and President Dave Goode introduced the world’s first patented carbon composite ski pole. GOODE ski poles are now recognized throughout the ski world for their strength, light weight, aerodynamic and shock absorbent properties.
OGC is a leading distributor of high-quality cycling, snow and outdoor products and is the exclusive distributor of Giro snow and cycling products, as well as Camelbak, in Canada. They also share distribution of Thule and SportRack products with Thule Canada.
”We’ve built dominant market share in the U.S.A. over the past few years and now we’ve found the right partner to help us fully develop the Canadian market,” said Dave Goode.
”We work only with category-leading brands,” said Rob White, OGC’s Vice-President, Sales. ”GOODE is definitely one of those and, together with our Giro helmets, goggles and glasses, Camelbak hydration, and Thule – SportRack products,gives us a very powerful snow products program for 2010-2011.”
For more information, please contact:
Dave Goode
GOODE Ski Technologies
2450 Wall Avenue
Ogden, UT  84401  USA
Rob White
Outdoor Gear Canada
Outdoor Gear Canada
phone – 705 444 0079
fax – 705 444 2339

GOODE and PrimaLoft Ink Deal

ALBANY, NY – GOODE Ski Technologies, the worldwide leader in carbon composite ski poles, snow skis and water skis, has selected PrimaLoft® – Insulation Technology™ as the exclusive insulation in its new GOODE-TEK™ glove line that was launched at the SIA Snow Show in Denver last month. 
GOODE-TEK™ gloves feature a patented InterLoc™ System, which is designed to be compatible with GOODE’s new ski pole grip.  All ten styles, designed for both men and women, are made with a new ultra pre-curved shape for superior pole handling.  The gloves and mittens are made with the finest materials to include drum dyed leathers, a GOODE-TEK™ waterproof breathable membrane, PrimaLoft insulation, and moisture wicking liners.
“After studying the glove market extensively, we determined that there was an opportunity to take our high-end quality approach to skis and poles and apply it to this category,” said Henry Deutsch, designer of the GOODE-TEK™ glove line.  We wanted to offer our customers gloves and mittens that are consistent with our other products.”
PrimaLoft was developed by Albany International Corp. under contract to the U.S. military to mimic the properties of down, while maintaining the performance aspects of a synthetic.   It is a unique microfiber polyester insulation that is as warm and soft as down, in addition to being water repellent, extremely light weight and compressible.
“PrimaLoft has changed the ‘feel’ of gloves,” said Eileen Berner, PrimaLoft Sales and Marketing Director. “Gloves insulated with PrimaLoft provide a complete thermal and moisture management package and also offer improved dexterity and comfort.”
When asked why GOODE selected PrimaLoft, Deutsch commented, “If we are going to be the best, we want to use the best.”

The suggested retail price range of the GOODE-TEK™ line ranges from $280 for its battery- heated gloves and mittens to $90 for its powder and spring gloves.  The glove line will be available at specialty ski and outdoor retailers nationwide this fall.
About GOODE Ski Technologies
Former U.S. Ski Team member, Dave GOODE, founded GOODE Ski Technologies in 1975.  During the first fifteen years, the then Michigan-based company manufactured and marketed a full line of ski accessories.  In 1990, GOODE introduced the world’s first patented CARBON Composite Pencil ski pole.  In 1994, based on the success of its composite ski poles, the company applied the same technology to the manufacturing of water skis.  In 1995, GOODE prototyped and built the snow ski industry’s first Carbon Fiber ski.  In 2001, GOODE expanded its factory and purchased the production assets of Volant Skis.  Today, GOODE produces a full line of carbon fiber snow skis.  In 2005, GOODE relocated it offices to Ogden, Utah to be closer to world-class snow and water skiing.  For more information, please visit www.GOODE.com.
About PrimaLoft®
PrimaLoft® is a registered trademark of Albany International Corp. PrimaLoft insulation was originally developed for the US Army as a water-resistant synthetic alternative to down.  Today, PrimaLoft is regarded as a research and development leader in high performance insulations and yarns, which provide warmth and comfort from head to toe.  Its family of products are manufactured in the US, Europe and Asia.  The PrimaLoft brand is recognized globally and is used in leading outdoor and fashion brands, home furnishings, work wear and military applications. For more information, please visit www.primaloft.com and www.primaloftyarn.com.