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Pre–Sunlight COSMIC Race

With the anticipation of Pete Swenson’s first COSMIC randonee ski race this weekend at Sunlight Ski Area, the buzz is super high here in Crested Butte for Team Salomon/Crested Butte consisting of Jari Kirkland, Bryan  Wickenhauser, Jon Brown and Eric “Sully” Sullivan. 


Thanks to GOODE Skis, the team is outfitted with the new and improved 160 cm GOODE Rando skis freshly mounted with Dynafit’s Lo-Tech race bindings.  The team is ready to go do battle with the fastest skiers all looking for a shot at dethroning last years series champion Bryan “Wick” Wickenhauser.  After winning last years series and proving he can get er’ done, I guess the question is can he once again bring the skill and speed to stand on top of the podium.  There’s no question as to whether or not the gear is up to the task.


After a lot of “preparing” or modifying as some might say to shave ounces and even grams to the boots, skins, and even skis the team is ready for anything.   The ski modification involved dremel tooling out a ¼ inch wide by ¾ inch deep slot at the tip of the GOODE Rando ski to accommodate the quick release skin clip, which consists of a little bungee chord and plastic washer for easy skin stripping.  Then a little epoxy and a split wine cork for the forefoot and heel block and the new skis are race ready. 


With all of the modifications done, now I guess it’s just who wants it the most since the GOODE skis, Dynafit bindings, and Scarpa F-1 Race boots are simply the best set-ups that will be lining up at the COSMIC series this year.  See ya at the starting line!!


More results to follow after the race.


Eric “Sully” Sullivan