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Juan Carlos Cuglievan Wins Latin American Championships

Juan Carlos Cuglievan (Perú) won the Latin American Water Ski Championships which were held recently in Apóstoles, Argentina. The tournament was very well organized by the Argentinean federation and the lake conditions were very good. There were 70 skiers from 7 Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Brazil, México and the Dominican Republic).

“This is great news!”, said Dave Goode. “I first met Juan Carlos last fall at the 2008 Senior World Championships in Seseña, Spain.”, Goode continues. “Dave Miller introduced us and we proceeded to set Juan Carlos up on a GOODE 9900SL with PowerShell 5 boots. Juan Carlos adapted very quickly to his new equipment as is evident by his recent victory!”, Goode concludes.

Juan Carlos ran 38′off in the preliminary round and received the top seed for the finals. In the final round, the two best scores were 2@38′off and Juan Carlos decided to “play-it-safe” and aimed for 3 ball and ran 3@38′off to win.

Thomas Degasperi Comments on his WIDE RIDE

Thomas is seen in this photo setting up his WIDE RIDE. He commented, “See how many GOODE’s are in Florida!”.

Thomas skis with a 66″ GOODE 9900SL WIDE RIDE, right foot forward, and a PowerShell 5 boot system. Thomas is the reigning World Champion and has skied on GOODE Skis for the past 8 years. Thomas is originally from Trento, Italy and is currently living and training in Orlando, FL and will be competing at the Masters later this month.

The new GOODE 9900 SL WIDE RIDE has been designed to give stability in the turn and at same time is a super fast ski. The wide top part of the ski allows any skier to feel comfortable on their on and off-side. The ski has a incredible stability and improved my off-side a good 30%, which is a lot. As soon I rode the GOODE WIDE RIDE I knew that was going to be a tremendous tool that will conquer the market.

- Thomas Degasperi – 2007 World Champion

exponerade slanka ben, i själva verket mer än Wang Luo Dan, efter dessa få, till synes gillade – -!
Amerikanska mode regissör och även som Wang Luo Dan, kopiera showen, och där skillnaden i väst som har varit en perfekt show, som du gillar?
Guld ung flicka att passerar också genom biltvätt kjolar, med guld rem skor, modell siffra fylla ah!
Victoria Beckhams också genom tvätt svart kjol, en svart låt Beckhams  Balklänning




BIG DAWG Entries Complete for Stop #1

 In an email to all BIG DAWG skiers, Claire DiPol wrote:

Thanks everyone for their entry for the Ski Ranch Big Dawg.  We are now officially full with 50 skiers listed below.  We will start a “wait list” for any other Big Dawg skiers that want to send an entry.

 Here are the 50 Skiers… 
Chad Scott
Jeff Danos
Mark Schneewind
Harald Hintringer
Hutch Haines
Paul Donatt
David  Miller
Bruce  Dodd
Scott Tynan
Todd Kuykendall
Greg Kuykendall
Dave Goode
Eric Kelley
Ted McColley
Chet Raley
John  Shealy
Joe  Pound
Jay Leach
Steven Allen
Thierry  Malhomme
Steve  Binkley
Marc Austin
Michael  Thompson
Sandy Treat
Kim  Contos
Mike Baldwin
Joe  Darwin
Jeff Kepchia
Dean Drozd
Tim Huston
Chad Baker
Mike Dehlinger
Jeffrey Smith
George Levien
Ed Hickey
Ben Favret
Richard Moyer
Todd Johnson
Rick Nadkrynechny
Chris Clark
Scott Thompson
Marco Bettosini
Jerry Goodson
Kreg Korinek
Scott Larson
Greg Badal
Kris LaPoint
Scot  Jones
Ward McLain
Mike  Munn


There will be two SNBD Qualifiers; one in Lousiana and one in Michigan. The Ski Nautique Big Dawg Finals will be held the week of Aug 10th (the week of the Nationals), in West Palm Beach at Okeeheelee Park, the site of the 2009 GOODE Water Ski National Champioinships. THE BIG DAWG CHAMPION will be determined at Okeeheelee Park during the HEAD TO HEAD FINALS.

GOODE Ski Technologies is proud to have many Big Dawg skiers using GOODE water skis and PowerShell Boots. Both the GOODE 9900SL and the 9900SL WIDE RIDE will be used by competitors. Last year’s BIG DAWG CHAMPION, Ben Favret, rode the GOODE 9900SL to victory.

Jerome Bocuse Comments on the GOODE WIDE RIDE

Here are some comments from Jerome Bocuse on the GOODE 9900SL WIDE RIDE…

A few years back when I reduced speed from 36 MPH to 34MPH my buoy count went slightly up but my skiing was not as enjoyable.

It was always more or less a stop and go with the ski stalling at the buoy as the rope got shorter.

Today skiing on the 9900SL WIDE RIDE is an amazing feeling, the buoy count is up and the pleasure of skiing is back again.

The ski is very predictable on both sides, carving the water, turning on a dime without losing any momentum.

With a background as a snow ski racer and watching the ski evolution on the snow, I truly believe that the new 9900SL Wide Ride is the future!

-Jerome Bocuse

Dave and Dawn Goode spent a couple days with Jerome snow skiing in Courchevel, France this past month. Jerome is a very accomplished snow and water skier. Jerome has a very precise feeling on skis. Jerome has competed in several BIG DAWG events and ran 1@41′ off in the 2007 BIG DAWG Finals.