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An Email From A Satisfied Customer

A letter from a satisfied customer:

Hi Dave,

My name is Michael Kerzie and we have actually met at the 2007 or 2008 Nationals that were held in Bakersfield, CA. I have also had the pleasure of staying at Villa Buena Vida twice with Jim Kilsdonk as our host and looking forward to going back for a 3rd :-) I actually tried to call you twice today to send my appreciation to you in person, but being a business owner myself, I know how difficult it can be to get a hold of. I am a brand new course skier and tried the course for the first time in Costa Rica on my honeymoon 2 years ago in ’08… I was instantly hooked… This led to an immediate need to upgrade my equipment.

Last year it was a new boat and this year it was time for an upgrade from my Radar Anex. I tried the WIDE RIDE in Costa Rica last year and thought it was a great ski (and this was after over 70 passes and 6 days of skiing.. needless to say, I was completely skied out!). I just purchased a WIDE RIDE two weeks ago and took delivery of it last Thursday.

I can only tell you this…. My PB before this weekend was 4@34mph- 15off…. on my first set on the ski I ran 3@36mph and ran 34mph every time the pass came up. My second set, 5 @36mph- 15off. (and I ran this 3 times) Being 1 ball away from cutting line is such an amazing feeling… I have never been so early at EVERY buoy in my life.

The WIDE RIDE is sooo fast and carries so much angle, I was literally waiting at every buoy. Not only is it fast, but it is extremely stable allowing me to get into a great offside pull position (Which I have had problems with).. with all of these great attributes you would think there is a give and take somewhere… but not with the GOODE WIDE RIDE, the ski turns on a dime.

I am so impressed with my new ski… People that I ski with on a regular basis could not believe what they were seeing… it made several people seriously consider buying a GOODE !!!

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

Michael Kerzie

Thomas Degasperi Wins the European Championships on his WIDE RIDE

 VALLENSBAEK, DENMARK – Thomas Degasperi won the 2009 EAME OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS held in Vallensbaek – 20/23 Aug 2009.

Thomas was riding his GOODE 9900SL WIDE RIDE and PowerShell 5 Boots when he defeated Will Asher.  Adam Sedlmajer was 3rd and was using his GOODE PowerShell 5 Boots.

 ”Thomas called me and was very excited about his win!”, said Dave Goode. “He told me the conditions were difficult, with lots of wind.”, Goode continues. “He said his GOODE 9900SL WIDE RIDE helped him beat the 2009 World Champion, Will Asher, by a full 4 buoys.”, Goode concludes

  Bib Name Country     Categ. Final Round
1 (36) Degasperi Thomas ITA ITA   Ope M 1,00/58/10.25
2 (26) Asher William GBR GBR   Ope M 3,00/58/10.75
3 (53) Sedlmajer Adam CZE CZE   Ope M 3,00/58/10.75
(Tie break: 5,00/58/11.25)

GOODE Publishes Chart for Ski's Surface Area and Max Widths

OGDEN, UT – GOODE Ski Technologies released a chart today showing the relationship of SKI SURFACE AREA and MAX WIDTHs of its various models and sizes.

The purpose of this chart is to help skiers to determine which GOODE ski is right for them.


9900 62.00″ 308.53 6.30″ @ 39.05
64.25″ 330.79 6.52″ @ 40.43
65.75″ 346.44 6.67″ @ 41.37
66.50″ 355.00 6.76″ @ 41.88
67.25″ 362.35 6.83″ @ 42.31
68.50″ 371.19 6.91″ @ 42.83
9900 WIDE RIDE 64.00″ 363.86 7.38″ @ 44.80
66.00″ 383.95 7.58″ @ 46.02