Travis Scheefer 2nd Place at US Nationals

In a recent email to Dave Goode from Travis Scheefer….


My skis arrived just in time to get them mounted and head up to Jackson for Nationals. As it turned out, I ended up breaking my other pair of skis a couple days earlier so I was thankful to get your skis in the mail.

The race in Jackson was awesome, the course was really challenging, skiing and skinning refrozen slush. Our final bootpack went straight up Corbet’s and they put in a 25ft extension ladder to climb over the cornice at the top, then the 4,000ft decent to the finish. I was in 4th over the top of the ladder with Wickenhauser about 15 seconds ahead of me and Brandon French 20 seconds ahead of him. I caught and passed Wick about half way down and passed Brandon French shortly after. I finished 2nd, putting almost 40 seconds on Wick and a minute and a half on Brandon!

Your skis are great at high speed on frozen death cookies!

By placing 2nd I qualified for the 2010 Andorra ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Championships and the US Ski Mountaineering Team!

I am excited for this weekend and Elk Mountain Grand Traverse. Thank you for the skis!


GOODE Ski Technologies is located in Ogden, UT and produces lightweight pure carbon fiber Randonee Racing skis and ski poles.

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