Regina sets Masters course record of 1 at 41 off

Photo by USAWS

Regina Jaquess became the first ever Women’s slalom skier to run 39 off at the Masters, scoring 1 buoy at 41 to set a new course record. The mark beats the previous course record of 5 at 39 set last year by Whitney McClintock.

“Robin Lake is kind of born into me and for me it is amazing that I got to break the record here on Robin Lake, and have it and be the first one to run 39 off,” Regina told local TV station WLTZ. “I’ve been here pretty much my whole life, literally, because my mom was on the beach when I was in her belly about two weeks away from being born.”

With the course record coming in the semifinals, the top-seeded Regina was the last skier off the dock and scored 2 at 39, tying her with Manon Costard and forcing a run off. Electing to go first Regina had an uncharacteristic early fall at 38, scoring 2.5 buoys. Manon got a full three at that line length to win her first ever Masters title, with Regina taking second. Whitney McClintock was third with 1 at 39, while Brooke Baldwin placed fourth after missing her opening gates at the same line length.

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