Record-breaking weekend

Mike Royal and his brand-new Nano OneXT.

It may be September, but the action is seemingly getting hotter as Team GOODE skiers put on some great performances across the globe last weekend.

In Great Britain, 2013 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour champion Jeremy Newby-Ricci narrowly missed being the second 34 mph skier to get into 43 off, scoring 5.5 buoys at 41 off.

Also in Europe, Clementine Lucine won Open Women’s slalom at the European Championships while her fellow GOODE teammates Freddie Winter and Carlo Allais finished second and third in the Men’s competition.

Here in the states the focus was in Covington, La., where a collection of top pros and amateurs made their mark in the record books.

2013 Men’s 3 national champion Jay Leach scored a new PB and a South Central Regional Men’s 3 and MM record in the process with 5 buoys at 41-feet off. Steve Raphael set a national Men’s 6 record with 3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off. And Bailey Austin continued to state her case as America’s Next Great Slalom Skier by upping her own South Central Girl’s 3 regional record to 4 buoys at 38-feet off.

And Mike Royal continued his amazing string of records, shattering his own Men’s disabled V1 world record on VERY FIRST SET on Nano OneXT with a score of one-half buoy at 41 feet off.

And while he may not be a member of Team GOODE, Nate Smith’s pending world record 2-1/2 buoys at 43-feet off is historic nonetheless. The score marks the first time anyone has gotten to three-ball at that line length. Dave Goode was on site and recorded the record round on video.

Congratulations everyone.

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