GOODE Skis at 25: Unrivaled performance, past and present

GOODE revolutionized the sport of water skiing when it introduced the first-ever carbon-fiber water ski 25 years ago in 1994. In the years since, it’s continued dedication to innovation and performance has resulted in unmatched successes.

Consider just a few of GOODE’s accomplishments over the years:

  • 13 world records, including holding at least one continuously since 1996
  • First ski to run 41 off (men) and 39-1/2 off (Women)
  • More U.S. National slalom titles than any other company, including more than 55% of titles since 2012
  • More Big Dawg Championships than all other brands combined

And that doesn’t even take into consideration the countless personal bests and new line lengths that have been achieved by thousands of loyal GOODE customers over the years.

That record-breaking DNA continues to push the sport forward today as the GOODE lineup features four high-performance slalom skis: the RéVolution, XTR, 9970 and FUTURE.


The RéVolution delivers improved performance through breakthroughs in construction design, new carbon fibers and an advanced resin system. The result is a ski that provides a quicker, more progressive rebound, is more durable and weighs a quarter pound less than any other GOODE to date. Greg Badal, Martin Kolman, Dave Miller, Chad Scott and Chet Raley have all had success on the RéVolution.


The XTR combines the world record-breaking DNA of the Nano 1XT with a trailblazing new rocker profile to create the highest performing ski in the GOODE lineup – and an instant classic. The XTR is a flatter, faster ski, but its most innovative feature is the Continuous Rocker that begins farther back and continues toward the tail more aggressively than previous GOODEs. The new rocker elongates the ski’s sweet spot and provides the advantages of a flatter ski – namely cross-course speed and stability – while cranking out stable, eminently repeatable turns. Regina Jaquess just used the XTR to win her 7th Masters slalom title.


The 9970 is the best-ever version of the legendary 9000 series that permanently etched the likes of Regina Jaquess, Jeff Rodgers, Kristi Overton-Johnson, Karina Nowlan, and Chris Parrish in the world record books. Designed with the 36 m.p.h. skier in mind but highly capable at all speeds, the 9970 capitalizes on a new construction method and newly sourced advanced carbon materials to weigh in at a mere 2.5 pounds on a 67-inch model.  Additional areas of design focus included a new rocker profile and a larger flat spot. The 9970 is ridden by some of the best pro skies in the world, including Adam Sedlmajer, Daniel Odvarko and Dane Mechler.


GOODE’s first-ever ski designed exclusively for young up-and-coming buoy slayers, The FUTURE features all the pure carbon-fiber construction and world-record DNA you’ve come to expect in a GOODE, but with kid-friendly graphics, a more forgiving flex pattern and a great price.

Where to Try and Buy a GOODE

So you’ve decided you are ready to take your skiing to the next level with a new GOODE. What now?

There are three ways to try and buy your next GOODE:

  • Order your ski directly from GOODE HQ (either online or by calling 1-888-GO-GOODE) and take advantage of our two-week demo period.  Try your new ski (and/or PowerShell bindings) at your home site, behind your favorite driver and boat to really see how the ski performs.
  • Visit one of our partnering ski schools, such as Chet Raley’s Palm Beach Training Center, Thomas Degasperi’s Ski School, Swiss Ski School, or the Pickos Ski School.
  • Connect with one of our retail (Miami Nautique, Tommy’s, Barts) or independent dealers (Greg Badal, Chad Scott, Dave Miller, etc.).

Find the contact info for all above at the GOODE Dealer Locator.

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