GOODE skiers top world rankings lists

The preliminary October 2013 IWWF World Rankings are out and the top spots are filled with GOODE skiers.

In Open Women, Team GOODE took five of the top 10 spots with Regina Jaquess (1), Karen Trulove (3), April Coble-Eller (5), Caroline Hensley (6) and Clementine Lucine (10). In Open Men, Freddie Winter jumped from No. 13 on the May 2013 list to No. 5. Thomas Degasperi (9), Nick Parsons (11) and Carlo Allais (14) placed high as well.

In the junior ranks, Bailey Austin grabbed the No. 2 spot in Junior Women, with Ruth McCreary (5) and Kelley Breeden (13) not too far behind. GOODE skiers took three of the top-five spots in Junior Men with Dorien Llewellyn (3), Brando Caruso (4) and Daniel Di Pol (5).

Karen and April went 1-2, respectively, in Women’s 35+, while on the Men’s side of the age bracket GOODE skiers secured half of the top 10 spots with No. 1 Jeremy Newby-Ricci followed by Jay Leach (2), Chad Scott (4), Todd Ristorcelli (5) and Jed Blackburn (10).

Alison Poulsen landed at No. 3 on the Women’s 45+ list, while GOODE took 60 percent of the top 10 on the guys’ side: Dave Miller (2), Tim Huston (4), Ben Favret (6), Todd Kuykendall (8), Fabrizio Merlo (9), and Todd Johnson (10).

The GOODE domination is even greater in Men’s 55+ as seven of the top-10 spots are held by GOODE skiers: Chet Raley (1), Thierry Malhomme (2), Bruce Dodd (4), Ted McColley (6), Lonnie Harris (7), Dave Goode (9), and Ed Hickey (10).

Richard Lambert topped the inaugural 65+ rankings, with Dennis Longo at No. 4.

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