#FirstTimersForFree participate in GOODE Nationals

Dave Goode and #FirstTimersForFree skier Addy Flint.

Twelve skiers not only competed in their first-ever Nationals last week at San Marcos River Ranch, but they had their entry fees paid too.

The #FirstTimersForFree promotion was part of GOODE’s effort to encourage Nationals participation and reward achieving major goals.

“Qualifying for and skiing in Nationals is a really big deal,” says GOODE Skis founder and president Dave Goode. “We just wanted to do something to make peoples’ first Nationals extra special and encourage even more people to come. It was really great getting to meet everyone and congratulate them personally.”

Participating #FirstTimersForFree skiers were:

  • Josh Gardner – Boys 3, Plainfield, IL
  • Joey Hayes – Mens 3, Decatur, MS
  • Brian Kreis – Mens 4, Miami, FL
  • Isak Nightingale – Boys 2, Lake Elmo, MN
  • Reed Favret – Boys 2, Windermere, FL
  • Sharon Baker Brown – Womens 7, Orlando, FL
  • Addy Flint – Girls 1, Lawton, OK
  • Don Stanford – Mens 8, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Kate Lemcke – Womens 1, Saint Louis, MO
  • Landon Geels – Boys 3, Denver, CO
  • Brendan Schultz – Boys 2, Dow, IL
  • Justin Bloyer – Mens 3, Lake Elmo, MN

Congratulations to you all.

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