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GOODE Skis Win 4th of July Snow Ski Race

HUNTSVILLE, UT – GOODE Skis win the annual 4th of July snow ski race held at the Snowbasin Ski Resort today.

GOODE Skis finished 1st and 2nd in the women’s open division and 2nd  in the men’s open division.

“Dawn and I had the fastest times for anyone over 50 years old.”, said Dave Goode. ”We both had the 2nd fastest run of the day overall, too!”, Goode continues. “It was fun to be in a water ski tournament yesterday and then a snow ski race here today! Happy 4th of July to everyone!”, concludes, Goode.

Dawn raced on a pair of 155cm GOODE C-64 Race Skis and 10.4 Pure CARBON Fiber ski poles. Dave raced on a pair of 175cm GOODE C-64 Race Skis and 10.4 Pure CARBON Fiber ski poles.

GOODE Ski Technologies builds world-class CARBON Fiber snow skis, ski poles and water skis. GOODE Ski Technologies World Headquarters are located in Ogden, Utah.

(Dawn and Dave Goode are pictured to the left. A section of the race course can be seen near the upper left of the photo.)

67th GOODE Water Ski National Championships Boat Draw

The 67th GOODE Water Ski National Championships will be held Aug. 11-15 at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, FL.

The BOAT DRAW is as follows:



Slalom Malibu: G1, G2, W1, W4, M1, M3, M6, OM

Slalom MasterCraft: G3, W3, W7-11, OW, B2, M2, M4

Slalom Correct Craft: W2, W5, W6, B1, B3, M5, M7-11, MM 

Jumping Malibu: G2, W5, OW, M1, M4, M6-11

Jumping MasterCraft: G3, W1, W2, W4, B2, M2, MM

Jumping Correct Craft: W3, W6-11, B3, M3, M5, OM

Beny Stadlbaur Skis 4@10.75 (39-1/2′ off)

Beny Stadlbaur (Switzerland) has the best Junior score so far this season. Here are some comments from Beny about his GOODE 9900SL:

Hi Dave,

Last weekend I did a tournament in Segrate (Italy) and scored 4@10.75!

This is the best junior performance of the year so far!

My new 9900 is great, thanks a lot!

This is a picture of me skiing and there is some comments on the 9900!

Skier: Beny
Photo: Vince Stadlbaur

Comments on the 9900

- The 9900 is the fastest ski I ever had!
- It turn incredibly quick!
- This ski is great because it is a ski that react quickly and at the
same time is really stable.

The 9900 is the best ski I ever had so far and it really helped me
improved my performence!


Ogden City Mayor Honors Karina Nowlan and Dave Miller

OGDEN, UT – Ogden City’s Mayor, Matthew Godfrey, honored Dave Miller and Karina Nowlan for their achievements by proclaiming a day named in each of their honor.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 was named, “Dave Miller Day” in Ogden. Wednesday, June 17, 2009, was named “Karina Nowlan Day” in Ogden.

“I am very proud of your accomplishments!”, said Mayor Godfrey. “We are glad
that you have come from your home countries, Canada and Australia, to visit us
here in Ogden.”, continued Mayor Godfrey. “Whereas, you compete on water skis
and water ski bindings made right here in Ogden, by GOODE Ski Technologies, I do
hereby proclaim the next two days named after you!

Congratulations!”, Mayor
Godfrey concluded.

GOODE Ski Technologies relocated its corporate headquarters to Ogden, UT in 2004.

Karina Nowlan tied the women’s slalom World Record in September, 2008. Dave Miller set a pending 34.2mph/55k slalom World Record earlier this month. Both Karina and Dave are sponsored by GOODE Ski Technologies and ski on a GOODE 9900SL with PowerShell Boots.

Dave Miller Wins Big Dawg #1, Sets Pending World Record

COVINGTON, LA – Dave Miller (CAN) won the Big Dawg Qualifier #1 on June 14th, which was held at beautiful Ski Ranch. In the finals, on his way to victory, Dave set a new pending Canadian and World Record by running 4 buoys at 41′ off/10.25m at 34.2mph/55k.

“I could have run that pass.”, said Dave Miller. “I was so wide and early at 3 buoy, I really think that I could have run the whole thing!”, Miller continued. “My firm flexing GOODE 9900SL really helped me in the warm/soft water to keep the ski moving at the end of the turn. I want to thank Dave Goode for building a great ski for me.”, Miller concludes. 

Dave rode a GOODE 9900SL and PowerShell 5 boots during his record setting runs.

Click on the above YouTube link to see a video of Dave’s record setting run. At the end of the video are some Raw Video Outtakes for more runs and Big Dawg event video clips.

Family wins with GOODE Skis

Congratulations to the Bradstreet Family, from Australia, who sent the following email and photos to Dave Goode.

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know about some fantastic results achieved by my family riding GOODE skis.

My 17 year old daughter, Alyce and her 16 year old brother Tim are 3 event skiers and my husband James is a single event skier. Recently, at our NSW state titles, Alyce, skiing in U/17 girls, won all of her events and slalomed into the 12m line on both rounds. Tim opted to ski in the Open Men’s division and won all three disciplines. The slalom was nail-biting stuff with the scores being tied for first place (2 @ 11m), a run-off was held. Tim backed up his previous rounds with a 2 1/2 @ 11m to win gold. James placed second in the O/45 men’s slalom.

The Nationals were held the following week and Alyce & Tim skied U/17 division. They both won all events and are both U/17 National champions. Tim equaled the Australian U/17 slalom and jump records and broke the U/17 and U/21 overall records. James again placed 2nd in the O/45 men’s division.

Alyce rides a GOODE 9800 SL Maika’i, Tim rides the GOODE 9600 (185amp), and James the GOODe 9600 (175amp).

I have attached some photos from the competition.

Kind regards,


$100 OFF on All Skis Listed on GOODEDEALZ.COM

OGDEN, UT – GOODE announces a special limited time promotion on GOODEDEALZ.COM. Through June 15, 2009, you can take an additional $100.00 discount off of the listed prices.

We just posted many new skis to GOODEDEALZ.COM. GOODEDEALZ.COM is the OFFICIAL On-Line Catalog Store for GOODE products which will include Previously Owned, Factory Closeouts, One-of-a-Kind and Cosmetic Blemished Waterskis. These skis have been factory refinished, will come with a Precision Fin Box, Fin and Wings already installed and factory tuned – ready to take to the water.

This website was designed to be simple and straight forward. In an effort to provide you with the best possible pricing, GOODE does not offer sales assistance or technical support for products purchased through GOODEALZ.COM. You can search for products by “categories” of interest or use the advanced search option to refine your search.

“GOODEDEALZ.COM creates a conduit for skiers to get great deals on selected items that are not sold through www.goode.com”. said Dave Goode. “All of the products sold on GOODEDEALZ.COM are great performing products, but may have a cosmetic blemish or may just be a discontinued model. Now that we are offering this limited time offer of $100.00 off any ski listed on GOODEDEALZ.COM, skiers can pick up an early model GOODE for less that $300.00.”, Goode states.

Check out for yourself some of the great deals on GOODEDEALZ.COM

GOODE to Support BIG DAWG Series

OGDEN, UT – GOODE Ski Technologies announced today that it will be supporting the 2009 O’Brien BIG DAWG Series, presented by Ski Nautique, with a ‘GOODE Bucks Prize Package Contingency Program’ for GOODE skiers.

GOODE will be awarding $2,000.00 worth of ‘GOODE Bucks’ for first place, $1,000.00 for second place and $500.00 for third place at the BIG DAWG finals, which will be held in West Palm Beach, FL, August 13-14, 2009. To qualify for this program, skiers need to compete in the BIG DAWG events with a GOODE ski, GOODE PowerShell boot system or a GOODE PowerVest system. ‘GOODE Bucks’ can be used to buy products from GOODE (goode.com), such as CARBON Fiber water skis, snow skis, ski poles and much more.

“We are happy to announce this program.”, said Dave Goode. “We have been working with Greg Davis for a way that we could be involved with the BIG DAWG Series this year. Greg suggested this type of format as a good option as he explained that it is done quite regularly in other sports, such as motorcylce racing. Eagle Sports has a similar program in place already for the 2009 BIG DAWG Series.”, Goode continues. “The level of competition in the BIG DAWG Series is really high and we want to reward the top skiers for all of their efforts with some “DAWG FOOD”. GOODE skiers have won 2 of the past 3 BIG DAWG championships and we are looking forward to paying out this year!”, Goode concludes.

The two BIG DAWG qualifying tournaments will take place in Louisiana on June 13-14 and in Michigan on July 11-12. Each qualifying event will pit 50 skiers in head-to-head competition, all vying for cash and other prizes exceeding $20,000.00 and a chance to advance to the finals. The finals will be held in conjunction with the prestigious 2009 GOODE Water Ski National Championships.

The ‘head-to-head’ finals will be webcast live under the lights from Okeeheelee Park allowing a large number of ski enthusiasts worldwide to view this unique event.

Karina Nowlan and Will Asher Win the 50th Masters

PINE MOUNTIAN, GA – Karina Nowlan (AUS) won the women’s slalom title at the 50th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament® today. Karina Nowlan ran 3 buoys at 38′ off in extemely difficult lake and weather conditions.  Will Asher (GBR) won the men’s slalom title by running 2 buoys at 41′ off.

“Karina is a true champion!”, said Dave Goode. “She was nursing a sore shoulder for the past week and she not only skied through the pain, but through some to real difficult weather conditions, too!”, Goode continues. “Karina combines all of the elements of a champion; she has great technique, she is in top physical condition, she is super-tough mentally and we work closely with her to make sure her equipment is perfect. I know Karina is real happy with this victory.”, Goode concludes.

For the first time, both Co-World Record Holders, Krisit Overton-Johnson and Karina Nowlan found themselves in competition. Kristi set the Women’s World Record 12 years ago on her GOODE 9100. Karina Nowlan tied the record of 1 buoy at 41′off last September on her GOODE 9800SL and PowerShell boots. Karina currently uses a 64.25″ GOODE 9900SL and PowerShell Boots.

The Masters is known throughout the world as the most prestigious watersports tournament. The event began in 1959 at Callaway Gardens and is held annually during the Memorial Day weekend.

The 50th Masters Get Underway – Large GOODE Skis Field

PINE MOUNTIAN, GA – The 50th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament® began today. The Masters is known throughout the world as the most prestigious watersports tournament. The event began in 1959 at Callaway Gardens and is held annually during the Memorial Day weekend.

You can see the MASTERS Live starting at 8:00am EDT Saturday at: masterslive.net

Today, Caroline Hensley (USA) won the Jr. Women’s semi-finals at the 2009 Junior Masters by running 1 buoy at 38′off. Ambre Franc (FRA) was second by running 1.5 buoys at 35′ off. The Jr. Women’s finals will begin at 8:00am on Saturday, May 23, 2009.

“Thank you for the best ski (9900SL) and boots (PowerShell 5) ever!”, said an excited and exhausted Ambre Franc to Dave Goode as he helped her onto the dock. “I just love them. It is very difficult conditions here.”, Ambre continued. “It was very rolly and windy. I am happy to advance to the finals.”, Franc concluded.

GOODE Ski Technologies has the largest field of entered slalom skiers at the 50th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament®.

Skiers include Rhoni Barton Bischoff (USA), World Record Co-Holder, Kristi Overton Johnson (USA), World Champion, Nicole Arthur (GBR), current Masters Champion, Regina Jaquess (USA), Clementine Lucine (FRA), Karen Truelove (USA), World Record Co-Holder, Karina Nowlan (AUS), World Champion, Thomas Degasperi (ITA) and US National Champion, Nick Parsons (USA).

GOODE wishes all skiers a great Masters Tournament!

GOODE will be on-site to support its athletes and to provide tournament updates.

Click here for the MASTERS Schedule…..