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It is “Official”! Regina’s World Record Approved.

It is “Official”!

Regina Jaquess’s October 23, 2010 Pending World Record of 1-1/4 buoys @ 41 off (10.25m) has been approved by the IWWF.

In less than 2 weeks, the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation approved Regina’s record, therefore removing the “Pending Status”, which now makes Regina the sole holder of the Official Women’s Slalom World Record.

You can click this link to watch the YouTube video of her runs – http://bit.ly/c5D7he

Regina Jaquess Sets 2 New Pending Women’s World Slalom Records

SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL – Regina Jaquess (USA) set two pending Women’s World Slalom Records on Saturday and Sunday at the 2010 Red Bar Belgian Cup at Cory Pickos’s Shortline Lakes in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Saturday, Regina skied 1-1/4 buoys at 41 feet off (10.25m). During the Sunday round, Jaquess scored 1-1/2 buoys at 41 feet off (10.25m). 

“It feels just awesome! That was an incredible weekend. Priceless!”, said Regina. 

Regina’s records are “Pending” approval from the IWWF (International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation) Technical Committee. If and when approved, Regina will become the sole owner of the women’s world slalom record.

The current record of 1 buoy @ 41 feet off (10.25m) was originally set by Kristi Overton-Johnson in September, 1996 on her GOODE 9100. Kristi held that record by herself until Australia’s Karina Nowlan tied it 12 years later, in September, 2008 while riding her GOODE 9800SL and PowerShell 4 Boots.  Regina then tied that World Record in July, 2009, while riding her GOODE 9900SL and PowerShell 5 Boots.  The three-way tie remained until this weekend. 

“Regina is just an amazing athlete and competitor”, said Dave Goode. “She has been knocking on the door since July of 2009 when she first tied the record. She has tied the record several times since and most recently during the finals of the Diablo Shores Pro-Am. In August of this year, Regina’s Overall World Record was approved, too!”, continues Goode. “Regina had told me that she had run 1-1/2 buoys at 41 feet off in practice just a few days before. It was just a matter of time before she broke that 14 year-old record!”, concludes Goode.

 Regina Jaquess skied behind a 2011 Malibu Response LXI with world-class driver, Chad Scott, behind the wheel. Chad had driven Chris Parrish to the Men’s World Record (2@43’ off (9.75m)) in July, 2010.

Regina skis on a GOODE 9900SL and PowerShell 5 Boots.

Dave Miller Becomes 2010 Big Dawg Series Champion

WINTER GARDEN, FL – Dave Miller (CAN) became the 2010 Big Dawg Champion this weekend at the season’s finale held at the Isles of Lake Hancock.

Dave Miller defeated fellow Canadian, Todd Johnson, by running 1 buoy @ 41 off (10.25m) and besting Johnson by 1/2 of a buoy. Skiing behind a Nautique 200, both skiers ran 39-1/2 off in all of their championship rounds. It was the first time in the Big Dawg Series that both skiers in the finals ran 39-1/2 off and challenged each other at 41 off.

“I want to thank the Lord for making this possible”, said a happy Dave Miller. “A big thank you to all of the sponsors that make this event happen.”, Miller continues.

“Boy, did my GOODE 9900SL MID save me a few times!”, Miller told Dave Goode. “It was truly amazing! I can’t believe that it just kept going, even when I got into trouble!”, Miller concludes.

Dave Miller lead a strong Team GOODE to the 2010 Big Dawg Finals. A total of 7 of the Sweet 16 were riding GOODE Skis.
Followed by 5 of the Elite 8 who were riding GOODE. Then with Dave Miller’s victory and Marc Shaw’s 3rd place it shows that GOODE Skis were the most dominate skis used during the tournament.

“I am really happy for Dave Miller!”, said Dave Goode. Dave spent most of his time this summer skiing 36mph (58k) and switching between the regular 9900SL at 36mph and the 9900SL MID at 34mph (55k). After the Colorado Big Dawg stop, Dave decided to re-focus on 34mph (55k) and really got his 9900SL MID dialed in”, Goode continues. “The GOODE 9900SL MID has proven itself as a real winner!”, Goode concludes.

Dave Miller uses a 65″ GOODE 9900SL MID (right) and PowerShell 5 Boots.

GOODE Skis are hand-built in Ogden, Utah to the highest quality standards. GOODE uses only premimum grade Pure Carbon Fiber to produce the best performing skis on the planet. GOODE Skis hold both the Men’s and Women’s World Records.

Todd Ristorcelli Wins the Master's Men Division at Diablo Shores Pro-Am

BRENTWOOD, CA – Todd Ristorcelli wins the Master Mens Division at the Diablo Shores Pro-Am by running 39-1/2 off (10.75) a couple of times.
Todd had switched off of his GOODE Ski to another brand just prior to the Friday qualifying round and actually failed to qualify for the finals. However, with the ankle injury of Dave Goode, a spot opened up for Todd to make it in to the Sunday Finals.
He then remounted his GOODE 9900SL with his PowerShell 5 Boots. Todd was the #8 seed and first skied against the #1 seed, and tournament host, Greg Badal. Todd ran 1 @ 41 off (10.25m) and Greg did not run 39-1/2 off (10.75m).
Todd is the Editor of WaterSki Magazine.
Second place finisher was Jay Leach skiing on his GOODE 9900SL MID and PowerShell 5 Boots.


BRENTWOOD, CA – Regina Jaquess won the 2010 Diablo Shores Pro-Am by beating Nicole Arthur in the finals and running 1 @ 41′ off (10.25m), tying the Women’s World Record.
Dublin Toyota put up a huge prize if any skier set a new World Record during the tournament. The new record holder would have won a Toyota Tundra Truck!
Regina skied well all weekend but saved her bid for a new World Record until the final round.
Regina Jaquess co-holds the World Record with GOODE teammates Karina Nowlan and Kristi Overton-Johnson.
Regina rides a GOODE 9900SL with PowerShell 5 boots.
Will Asher and Jamie Beauschene finished 1st and 2nd with Team GOODE skiers Chris Parrish and Thomas Degasperi finishing 3rd and 4th.




GOODE Skis Perform well at the 35+ Worlds


Pictured above, from left to right:  45+ World Champion Chet Raley (USA), 35+ Bronze Medalist Jeremy Newby-Ricci (GBR), 55+ World Champion Ed Hickey (USA), 4th place 35+ Jeff Milford (USA), USA Team Captain Marc Shaw, Dave Goode, 45+ Silver Medalist Dave Miller (CAN), and 45+ Bronze Medalist Fabrizio Merlo (ITL).
SEGRATE, ITALY – Team GOODE skiers performed well at the 35+ World Championships! The top score of the entire tournament was that of World Champion Chet Raley. Chet rode his GOODE 9900SL MID and ran 4 buoys @ 39-1/2 off (10.75m) in the preliminary round. GOODE Skiers swept the 45+ Men’s Podium.
The USA 35+ Water Ski Team won the overall team gold medal and 17 USA water ski athletes combined to win 30 individual medals in respective events at the 2010 World 35+ Water Ski Championships, September 7-11, in Segrate, Italy. The United States tallied 10,283.05 points in winning the gold medal at the biennial event. Great Britain earned the silver medal with 8,788.28 points and Germany earned the bronze medal with 8,335.69 points.
Athletes and teams from 34 countries competed in the five-day event as the world team title and world individual titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall were at stake.
Members of the USA 35+ World Water Ski Team were: Janie Fausold (Pleasant Grove, Calif.), Women 55+; Leza Harrison (Chuluota, Fla.), Women 55+; Mary Koenig (Waterford, Mich.), Women 45-54; Connie Morris (San Diego, Calif.), Women 45-54; Lisa Lamb (East Troy, Wis.), Women 35-44; Ham Wallace (Nashville, Tenn.), Men 55+; Tommy Newman (McDonald, Tenn.), Men 45-54; and Marc Shaw (Orlando, Fla.), Men 35-44.
Harrison swept gold medals in Women 55+ slalom (2 buoys at 32 feet off), tricks (3,010 points), jumping (91 feet) and overall (3,404.96); Wallace won the gold medal in Men 55+ jumping (127 feet) and the silver medal in overall (2,120.60 points); Fausold earned silver medals in Women 55+ slalom (5 buoys at 28 feet off), jumping (77 feet) and overall (2,912.15 points) and the bronze medal in tricks (2,640 points); Morris earned silver medals in Women 45-54 jumping (88 feet) and overall (2,284.17 points), and the bronze medal in tricks (2,300 points); Koenig earned the bronze medal in Women 45-54 overall (2,144.62 points); Lamb earned silver medals in Women 35-44 jumping (103 feet) and overall (1,663.49 points), and the bronze medal in slalom (1 buoy at 32 feet off); and Shaw earned silver medals in Men 35-44 jumping (184 feet) and overall (2,312.16 points).
USA athletes competing as independents were: Beverly Abbott (Santa Fe, Texas), Women 45-54; Marc Bedsole (Orlando, Fla.), Men 45-54; Will Bush (Elk Grove, Calif.), Men 55+; John Carder (Knoxville, Tenn.), Men 45-54; Merry Finch (Merrysville, Calif.), Women 55+; Mitch Grau (Carrollton, Texas), Men 45-54; Ed Hickey (Coral Gables, Fla.), Men 55+; Eric Lee (San Diego, Calif.), Men 55+; George Levien (Aventura, Fla.), Men 55+; Laurie Lindsey (Greenacres, Fla.), Women 45-54; Jeff Milford (Draper, Utah), Men 35-44; Steve Nelson (Arden Hills, Minn.), Men 55+; Chet Raley (Boynton Beach, Fla.), Men 45-54; Steve Raphael (Colleyville, Texas), Men 55+; Gordon Rathbun (Sunnyvale, Calif.), Men 55+; Paul Risch (Humble, Texas), Men 55+; Stan Switzer (Mulberry, Fla.), Men 55+; Dan Zeisler (Oxford, Conn.), Men 45-54; and Michael McCormick (Seffner, Fla.), Men 35-44.
Hickey won the gold medal in Men 55+ slalom (3-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off); Raley won the gold medal in Men 45-54 slalom (3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off); Rathbun earned the silver medal in Men 55+ slalom (2-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off); Abbott earned the silver medal in Women 45-54 tricks (3,640 points); Bedsole earned the silver medal in Men 45-54 tricks (4,830 points); Lee earned the bronze medal in Men 45-54 tricks (4,580 points); McCormick earned the bronze medal in Men 35-44 tricks (6,310 points) and overall (2,253.89 points); Nelson earned the silver medal in Men 55+ tricks (2,680 points); Finch earned the silver medal in Women 55+ tricks (2,710 points); and Lindsey earned the bronze medal in Women 45-54 slalom (3-1/2 buoys at 32 feet off).


IWWF Approves Regina Jaquess’ World Record

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) has ratified Regina Jaquess’ women’s Overall World Record set at the Cory Pickos Superstars, June 18-20, 2010, in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Regina Jaquess scored 4 @ at 39-1/2 feet off in slalom, 8,370 points in tricks and 176 feet (53.6 meters) in jumping in accumulating 3,186.34 overall points. A reduced trick score of 7,920 points was accepted after an international panel reviewed the originally submitted 8,370-point score. With the modification, an overall score was reduced to 2,945.85, which is still an increase over the previous mark of 2,934.6 points set by Jaquess last July.

The personal best 176-foot (53.6 meters) jump also tied of the Open Women USA National jumping record.

Regina uses a 64.25″ GOODE 9900SL with PowerShell 5 Boots.

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