Team Tips

Trent’s Two Tips

Team GOODE’s Trent Finlayson approaches skiing from two different, yet equally important perspectives.

First, he’s a top pro contender and co-Canadian National record holder that gets into some serious shortline. And second, he’s emerging as one of the top coaches in the business, tutoring the likes of Bailey Austin and the Grathwohl girls to prominence on the national and international stages.

Whether it’s prepping for his own skiing, or working with his students, he likes to focus on two process-oriented steps:

Purposeful Skiing: Construct a game plan before leaving the dock

“While there is nothing wrong with a low-pressure spontaneous ski ride from time to time, don’t let yourself fall into the routine of hitting the water without specific intent. Before you begin your warm up decide what you are going to address, work on and accomplish during your next 45 minutes. You might be honing a specific skill or working on your timing at your most difficult pass. Either way, formulate a plan and stick to it.”

Mechanics vs. Foundation: Don’t lose the forest for the trees

“Watch the top skiers in the world and it becomes apparent that there are many different ways to succeed in the course. However, while many of the specific mechanics may differ, the big-picture fundamentals are strikingly similar. The chief mistake many skiers make in their analysis of technique is allowing themselves to get clouded by the details. Everything from handle height to hip orientation is the result of proper alignment and timing. Instead of trying to fix a multitude of smaller mechanical errors, analyze how your speed, alignment and direction may be affecting them.”

For additional coaching, contact Trent at or (830) 556-6666. Trent is sponsored by GOODE Skis, MasterCraft Boats, InTow Ropes and Handles, Bennetts Ski and Wake, and Str8 Training.