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Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Kearney talks world cup, Olympic gold and GOODE ski poles.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with the 2010 Olympic gold medalist in Women’s moguls, U.S. Ski Team member Hannah Kearney.  In this video, she discusses the upcoming World Cup season, her approach to the 2014 Winter Olympics, why she loves her GOODE Carbon Composite ski poles and one the less item on her pre-season to-do list.

Goode Skis Moves All Snow Ski Production to Ogden Plant

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) – If you’re a skier, you’ll love this story. Monday, Goode Ski Technologies announced it’s moving its entire production line from China to Ogden. It’s expected to create roughly 100 jobs. It’s the first time a major ski manufacturer is making everything here in Utah.

The sound of custom built skis is something you’ll soon be hearing a lot more of in Ogden.

“We’re moving our snow ski production from China, here to Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.,” said Dave Goode, President of Goode Ski Technologies.

Monday, Goode Ski Technologies announced it will now begin making all its skis here in Utah.

“Here at the foot of the Wasatch, with neighboring skiing so close, it’s a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Goode.

Managers tell ABC 4 that means converting its Ogden prototype plant into full scale production, and quadrupling its workers.

“Over the next few months we’re going to be developing, bringing on 20 to 30 new jobs, and within the next couple years we believe that number will be close to 100 here,” Goode said.

Ogden’s Mayor believes those jobs will be a big spark to the economy.

“You do the math on the dollars that generates, and that’s millions of additional dollars flowing into the people of this community, so it’s a big deal,” said Matthew Godfrey, Ogden City Mayor.

It’s a big deal to Goode too. They said they want their exclusive carbon fiber skis made here in Utah to be best the world. It says so right on a sign the front door that reads “Beyond this door we build the best snow skis and water skis in the world.”

“Every day we walk in this building we want everyone to know, and remind all of ourselves, we have an obligation to build not just good skis or great skis, but the very best skis in the world,” said Kirk Langford, Vice President, Goode Ski Technologies.

And here’s how you know you got a ski made right here in Utah, each one comes with a sticker that says custom handmade in Ogden Utah. Goode expects to be making them here in Utah for a long time to come.

ABC 4 is told Goode skis plans to start hiring right away. You can see the skis made in Ogden at stores this fall.

GOODE Friends Skiing at Snowbasin!

This photo was sent courtesy of Dr. David Ronning – “GOODE Friends Skiing at Snowbasin”.

From GOODE to Great? – from The Ski Show Daily

SIA SHOW, DENVER, CO – Kirk Langford will look you in the eye and say “these are the best skis I’ve ever been on.”

Langford, who spent about three decades as a Marker and Nordica exec, joined up with David Goode a year go and got right to work in Goode’s Ogden, Utah, factory. Besides producing 27 new models of the composite pole that put Goode on the ski map, Langford led a ski renaissance that has 20 new Goode skis (encompassing seven shapes and molds) gracing the walls of their booth here at the Show.

Working in tandem with Goode, Langford says he soon realized that carbon fiber opens a new realm of possibilities as the perfect high-performance material for ski construction. After all, would you be using a tennis racquet or a golf club shaft that isn’t made of carbon fiber?

The team developed a simple rocker glossary: slight, rising and strong, along with traditional camber. With waist widths ranging from 74mm up to a hefty 128mm, key models include the Beyond (82mm), Impact (88mm), and the Fire (98mm).

A traditional woodmetal- laminate kind of guy, Langford admits he’s even starting to convert to fatter skis like the strong-rockered 126mm-waisted Rahu. The Goode catalogue includes a host of women’s specific models—carbon is ideal for a female’s needs—and even randonee and backcountry.

“I’m skiing better than I ever have,” says Langford of his conversion to carbon fiber—and the opportunity to test skis with company colleagues just a halfhour drive away at Snowbasin. He says working with David Goode, who has an impressive engineering background, revolutionized ski poles and then went on to become a legend for his water ski designs, is a good fit.

- by Andy Bigford, Ski Show Daily

Team Crested Butte Places Two GOODE Athletes on US Ski Mountaineering Team

During the weekend of January 8th & 9th Jackson Hole Mountain Resort & Grand Targhee played host to two of the three selection races for qualifying for the US Ski Mountaineering Team.

Saturday’s race was the US National Championships at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. With over 7600ft of climbing, including a boot pack up Corbet’s Col, Team Crested Butte’s two top athletes were Jari Kirkland (5th) and Bryan Wickenhauser (5th)….both just missed automatic spots as the top three athletes were chosen. Jon Brown placed 18th.

The 11th annual US National Championships were with out a doubt the strongest field ever assembled…..over 14 current or former US Team members were fighting for five qualifying spots during the weekend of racing!

Following quickly on the heels of Saturday’s race was the Grand Targhee Ski Mountaineering Classic. With over 5400ft of climbing, the back to back grand totals were 13,000ft in two days of racing full tilt…yeah the kind were drool & spit is sliding down your face, and you’re smiling!

Kirkland & Wickenhauser, both accomplished endurance athletes used the second day to show case their abilities as they took automatic slots on the US Ski Mountaineering Team! Kirkland finished 4th in the women’s race and Wickenhauser 5th in the men’s race.

Both athletes are members of last year’s US Ski Mountaineering Team. Wickenhauser will be competing in his third Ski Mountaineering World Championship competition over in Europe. This year’s competition will be held in Claut, Italy

All athletes on Team Crested Butte ski on Goode and have been Goode skiers for the last three years.

The final selection race for the 2011 US Ski Mountaineering Team will be held this Saturday, January 15th at Sunlight Ski Resort, the second stop on the COSMIC Series.

For more information on Team Crested Butte please go to

For more info on the US Ski Mountaineering Team please go to

Bryan Wickenhauser & Brian Smith Win 13th Annual Elk Mountain Grand Traverse

An Email from Bryan Wickenhauser:

Folks -

A quick THANK YOU to all our equipment supporters who make the gear that we race on.  Brian Smith & I over the weekend won the 13th Annual Elk Mountain Grand Traverse! 

Unfortunately due to some intense weather that rolled in the night of the race, the route was changed and we didn’t get to finish in Aspen.  The surrounding Elk Mountains due offer some great terrain and the organisers were able to scramble and salvage a great “plan B” course that had nearly 7000 ft of vertical gain/loss over nearly 35+ miles of racing, with a finish back at the base area of Crested Butte Resort.

The top five teams were all on lightweight AT gear!

Thanks for your support!

Bryan Wickenhauser & Brian Smith

Both Bryan and Brian won while using their GOODE Pure Carbon Fiber Randonee Race Skis. GOODE Skis are made in Ogden, Utah.

Kearney wins Olympic moguls, first USA Gold of the Games

WEST VANCOUVER, BC CANADA – Freestyle Moguls skier Hannah Kearney wins the first USA gold at the 2010 Olympics by scoring 26.63 points and beating Canadian Jennifer Heil by 0.94 points. 

Kearney used speed and perfect form through the turns to score points in the event, opting for lower-difficulty aerial tricks. Heil did a more difficult second jump, but ran a slower time.


Hannah was disappointed in her finish in the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy and worked really hard for her Gold Medal in Vancouver.


Kearney said this was her best gold medal win ever. “Unbelievably rewarding,” she said.


After a disappointing 22nd place in the 2006 Olympics, Kearney knew she had to prove herself in Vancouver. “It was redemption. I was so disappointed after my 2006 experience. I’ve had a good feeling about this all summer and I am so glad I could perform at the highest level.”, said Kearney.


Kearney was not intimidated by the near-flawless performance of Canadian Jenn Heil, who preceded her down the track. “It was motivating.  I heard the roar of the crowd from the Canadians, cheering on Jenn.  I heard her score, so I knew I was going to have to go for it.”, said Kearney.


Best race she’s ever run? “Certainly close to it,” she said. “And the best prize ever.”


Hannah won Olympic gold using GOODE Ski Poles. GOODE Ski Poles are made of Pure CARBON Fiber, making them up to six times stronger and lighter than traditional aluminum ski poles.


“I am very happy for Hannah!”, said Dave Goode, President/Founder of GOODE. “She has worked very hard for this win.”


GOODE is the first company to totally integrate Aerospace CARBON Fiber Composite technology into ski poles. GOODE produces more composite ski poles than all other ski pole companies combined.


GOODE Ski Technologies is located in Ogden, Utah.


Dina Mishev Set a World Record on her GOODE Skis

OGDEN, UT – Dina Mishev (USA) has been awarded a Certificate from Guinness World Records LTD for skiing the most vertical uphill ever by a woman.

Dina achieved this feat on February 8, 2009 while competing in the Annual 24 Hours Of Sunlight event held at Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Dina writes to Dave Goode, “Having just (finally) got the certificate from Guinness stating I did in fact set a World Record at Sunlight last year, I wanted to thank you again for the skis.

I don’t think I could have done it without them. Or, if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed the downhill nearly as much!

They really are fun to ski given their mini-ness. In fact, the dozen or so times I’ve been out so far this year (always skinning uphill of course), those are the skis I’ve been on. Even in back- country powder.

Actually, there are two reasons those are the only skis I’ve been out on this year. The first is that they do in fact ski much better than their size would indicate. The second is that my AT powder skis weigh no less than 43 pounds (give or take a few).

You went above and beyond helping me with skis for Sunlight. Thank you!”

Dina set her World Record on the 160cm GOODE Pure CARBON Fiber Randonee Race skis. GOODE is the only company in the World to build a Pure CARBON fiber snow ski.

GOODE is the worldwide leader in CARBON COMPOSITE Ski Poles, Snow Skis and Water Skis.

30 Years Ago!

In December 1979, I was on a race team that won the SKI Magazine’s SKI BUSINESS ski race in Vail, Colorado. The other team members were my father, Paul, and a very good friend that now lives in Salt Lake City, Rick Newton.
We decided to have a 30 year Reunion and re-take our photos. Each of us found our silver (yes, real silver) bowls that were engraved “SKI Magazine’s SKI BUSINESS Ski Race 1st Place Team”. (We each had lots of polishing to do!)”

In 1975, at age 19, I started Ski Accessories Company (SAC) and attended every SKI Magazine SKI BUSINESS Week for many years. I learned alot about the ski industry because of attending the seminars and events hosted by SKI Magazine. During the 1979 SKI BUSINESS Week I assembled a 3 man team which included my father, Paul, and a co-worker at the time, Rick Newton, to join me to compete in the ski race held at the end of the seminar. It was a relay race held in a dual slalom format. We competed for the fastest time against other teams with members such as Bobby Burns, Denny Hanson, and the like.
Recently, I ran across the original photo (top) taken in 1979 following our victory.  I called my father and Rick to see if they could find their trophies and let them know of my idea for a Reunion photo opportunity. After a bit of digging in attics, basements and closets, we each found our respective trophies. The trophies were all tarnished since they were made of REAL silver!  The shine came back after a little elbow grease and silver polish.

During the first fifteen years of business, the then Michigan-based Ski Accessories Company manufactured and marketed a full line of ski accessories.


In 1990, we introduced the world’s first patented CARBON Composite Pencil ski pole. GOODE Ski poles are now recognized around the world for their strength, lightweight, aerodynamics and shock absorbent properties. GOODE ski poles have a dominant market share in North America.


In 1994, based on the success of GOODE COMPOSITE ski poles, the company applied the same technology to the manufacturing of water skis. GOODE patented the water ski industry’s first Carbon Fiber water ski. GOODE Skis currently hold both the Men’s and Women’s World Records. Over the past 14 years, GOODE Skiers have also won more National Medals than all other ski companies combined.


In 1995, GOODE prototyped and built the snow ski industry’s first Carbon Fiber snow ski. In 2001, GOODE expanded its factory and purchased the production assets of Volant Skis. Today, GOODE produces a full line of carbon fiber snow skis.


In 2005, GOODE relocated it offices to Ogden, Utah to be closer to world-class snow and water skiing.  GOODE is the worldwide leader in CARBON COMPOSITE Ski Poles, Snow Skis and Water Skis.


How time flies!





Dave Goode



GOODE Skis Win 4th of July Snow Ski Race

HUNTSVILLE, UT – GOODE Skis win the annual 4th of July snow ski race held at the Snowbasin Ski Resort today.

GOODE Skis finished 1st and 2nd in the women’s open division and 2nd  in the men’s open division.

“Dawn and I had the fastest times for anyone over 50 years old.”, said Dave Goode. ”We both had the 2nd fastest run of the day overall, too!”, Goode continues. “It was fun to be in a water ski tournament yesterday and then a snow ski race here today! Happy 4th of July to everyone!”, concludes, Goode.

Dawn raced on a pair of 155cm GOODE C-64 Race Skis and 10.4 Pure CARBON Fiber ski poles. Dave raced on a pair of 175cm GOODE C-64 Race Skis and 10.4 Pure CARBON Fiber ski poles.

GOODE Ski Technologies builds world-class CARBON Fiber snow skis, ski poles and water skis. GOODE Ski Technologies World Headquarters are located in Ogden, Utah.

(Dawn and Dave Goode are pictured to the left. A section of the race course can be seen near the upper left of the photo.)