Team GOODE skiers named to U.S. Elite Team

Team GOODE will be well represented on the U.S. squad at this year’s world championships as four of the six skiers named to the 2019 U.S. Elite Water Ski Team ride GOODEs.

GOODE skiers named to the U.S. team were three-time defending Women’s slalom and overall world champion Regina Jaquess, Taylor Garcia, Erika Lang and Adam Pickos. Also named to the team were Freddy Krueger and Anna Gay.

The six-member team will compete in the 36th Water Ski World Championships, Aug. 13-18, in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

2019 GOODE Nationals towboat draw announced

From the American Water Ski Association:

The American Water Ski Association has announced the Towboat Draw for the 77th GOODE Water National Championships. The Nationals will be held Aug. 6-10 at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, Fla.

2019 GOODE Water Ski Nationals’ Towboat Draw

(Revised 6/25/19)


  • Malibu: W1, W4, M1, M3, M6, G1, G2, OW
  • MasterCraft: G3, W3, MW, W7-11, B2, M2, M9-11, W5, M4
  • Nautique: W2, W6, B1, B3, M5, M7, M8, MM, OM


  • Malibu: G2, W5, M1, M6-11, MW
  • MasterCraft: G3, W1, W2, M2, MM, B2, W3, OM
  • Nautique: W4, W6-11, B3, M3, M5, M4, OW

Note: Open Divisions have been assigned the respective boats that will be used in the America’s Cup Invitational.

For more information about the GOODE Nationals, including schedule, registration and lodging details, click here.

Introducing the GOODE MK1, the most advanced trick ski ever built

GOODE Skis is proud to announce a new addition to its lineup and a step forward for trick skiing with the release of the MK1, the most technically advanced trick ski ever built.

“I’m in total awe with how technically difficult and amazing to watch trick skiing is,” says Dave Goode, president and founder of GOODE Skis. “Much like the slalom market in the early 90s though, I see a lot of room for progress in the design and construction of trick skis so I’m very excited to see our construction technology take tricking to a higher level.”

The MK1’s design and construction process was heavily influenced by world Mens Tricks No. 1 Martin Kolman, who won the Moomba Masters title earlier this spring on the ski.

“For me the MK1 provides a level of confidence that the ski won’t change over time, it won’t break down and I won’t ever have to worry about breaking it the day before a tournament again,” says Martin. “I’ve skied the same ski all year, got a big win on it at Moomba, and it feels the same as when I first got on it back in February.”

Technical Features

The defining characteristic of the MK1 is its first ever pure carbon core in a trick ski. Other brands use only foam or aluminum honeycomb cores. Carbon has over a 6X strength to weight ratio when compared to aluminum. This innovative construction technique has created a ski that is lighter, more responsive and more durable than current trick skis.

“Skiers will definitely notice more ‘pop’ off the wake with the MK1, and then be surprised by the nice soft landing it gives,” says Martin. “And anyone who does a lot of flips knows how brittle trick skis can be. That’s not going to be an issue with this ski.”

Additional advanced features: SpinZone and a unique, step-down pre-edge

Unlike other trick skis, the MK1’s bottom grooves do not extend the length of the ski, but instead are only on the ski tips. This “SpinZone” creates a flatter mid-ski section that leads to easier, faster spins and more energy off the wake.

The step-down edge is a quarter-inch pre-edge that runs all the way around the MK1, creating a sort of double edge that allows the skier to build a progressive edge into the wake.

“Let’s take a flip for example, you don’t want a full edge right away,” says Martin. “With the MK1 it’s easy to start an edge but it doesn’t just dump you over into a lean lock. It’s a more progressive edge that is controllable and precise.”

While most high-end trickers use a hard-edge ski for hand passes and a soft-edge ski for toes, Martin says the MK1’s unique design features have eliminated the need to have two different skis.

“I used to use a soft-edge ski for toes because soft edges provide a little more stability. But with the step-down around the edge of the ski we’ve been able to combine the best characteristics of both a hard and soft-edge into one hard-edge ski. I now use the same ski for toes and hands.”

GOODE and Trick Skis

While the MK1 shows GOODE is going all in on trick skiing, it isn’t the first time the company has built a trick ski. Regina Jaquess won the 2003 Womens World Overall title on a GOODE trick ski that happened to be the first trick ski ever built by GOODE.

“Since we first had a trick ski in the early 2000s we’ve learned a lot about new ski construction and design techniques, but trick skis really haven’t progressed since then,” says Dave, who himself began competing in tricks competitions in recent years. “We’ve put that knowledge to good use in our slalom skis and now we want to use that expertise to help make tricking easier and more enjoyable.”

Immediate Availability

The 44-inch MK1 is available now with 1-3 days shipping, while pre-orders are currently being accepted on the 42- and 54-inch models, with expected shipping of 4-6 weeks.

Click here to order.

GOODE Skis at 25: Unrivaled performance, past and present

GOODE revolutionized the sport of water skiing when it introduced the first-ever carbon-fiber water ski 25 years ago in 1994. In the years since, it’s continued dedication to innovation and performance has resulted in unmatched successes.

Consider just a few of GOODE’s accomplishments over the years:

  • 13 world records, including holding at least one continuously since 1996
  • First ski to run 41 off (men) and 39-1/2 off (Women)
  • More U.S. National slalom titles than any other company, including more than 55% of titles since 2012
  • More Big Dawg Championships than all other brands combined

And that doesn’t even take into consideration the countless personal bests and new line lengths that have been achieved by thousands of loyal GOODE customers over the years.

That record-breaking DNA continues to push the sport forward today as the GOODE lineup features four high-performance slalom skis: the RéVolution, XTR, 9970 and FUTURE.


The RéVolution delivers improved performance through breakthroughs in construction design, new carbon fibers and an advanced resin system. The result is a ski that provides a quicker, more progressive rebound, is more durable and weighs a quarter pound less than any other GOODE to date. Greg Badal, Martin Kolman, Dave Miller, Chad Scott and Chet Raley have all had success on the RéVolution.


The XTR combines the world record-breaking DNA of the Nano 1XT with a trailblazing new rocker profile to create the highest performing ski in the GOODE lineup – and an instant classic. The XTR is a flatter, faster ski, but its most innovative feature is the Continuous Rocker that begins farther back and continues toward the tail more aggressively than previous GOODEs. The new rocker elongates the ski’s sweet spot and provides the advantages of a flatter ski – namely cross-course speed and stability – while cranking out stable, eminently repeatable turns. Regina Jaquess just used the XTR to win her 7th Masters slalom title.


The 9970 is the best-ever version of the legendary 9000 series that permanently etched the likes of Regina Jaquess, Jeff Rodgers, Kristi Overton-Johnson, Karina Nowlan, and Chris Parrish in the world record books. Designed with the 36 m.p.h. skier in mind but highly capable at all speeds, the 9970 capitalizes on a new construction method and newly sourced advanced carbon materials to weigh in at a mere 2.5 pounds on a 67-inch model.  Additional areas of design focus included a new rocker profile and a larger flat spot. The 9970 is ridden by some of the best pro skies in the world, including Adam Sedlmajer, Daniel Odvarko and Dane Mechler.


GOODE’s first-ever ski designed exclusively for young up-and-coming buoy slayers, The FUTURE features all the pure carbon-fiber construction and world-record DNA you’ve come to expect in a GOODE, but with kid-friendly graphics, a more forgiving flex pattern and a great price.

Where to Try and Buy a GOODE

So you’ve decided you are ready to take your skiing to the next level with a new GOODE. What now?

There are three ways to try and buy your next GOODE:

  • Order your ski directly from GOODE HQ (either online or by calling 1-888-GO-GOODE) and take advantage of our two-week demo period.  Try your new ski (and/or PowerShell bindings) at your home site, behind your favorite driver and boat to really see how the ski performs.
  • Visit one of our partnering ski schools, such as Chet Raley’s Palm Beach Training Center, Thomas Degasperi’s Ski School, Swiss Ski School, or the Pickos Ski School.
  • Connect with one of our retail (Miami Nautique, Tommy’s, Barts) or independent dealers (Greg Badal, Chad Scott, Dave Miller, etc.).

Find the contact info for all above at the GOODE Dealer Locator.

Regina claims 7th career Masters Women’s slalom title

Regina Jaquess is back atop the Master Women’s podium, winning her 7th career Masters slalom title Sunday at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga.

The fourth seed heading into the finals, Regina scored 3.5 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off – the highest Women’s score of the weekend – to put the pressure on the rest of the finals field. The score ultimately held up as Whitney McClintock finished second (3@39), Manon Costard third (1.5@39) and Jaimee Bull fourth (2.5@38).

Regina complimented her slalom victory with a second-place finish (54.4) in jumping, behind champion Jacinta Carroll (56 meters).

In Men’s slalom, Team GOODE’s Thomas Degasperi, still injured from a car crash two weeks ago that severely limited his training, managed a podium finish, placing third (3@39) behind Freddie Winter (2.5@41) and Stephen Neveu (2@41).

In Men’s tricks, Martin Kolman took third with 9,270 points, behind Pato Font and Adam Pickos, who scored 11,330 and 11,320 points, respectively.

For full results, click here.

Ty Vaio named GOODE Technical Engineer

GOODE Skis is pleased to announce that it has hired three-eventer Ty Vaio as it’s new technical engineer.

“I’m super excited to be working at GOODE,” said Ty, a long-time member of Bell Acqua in Rio Linda, Calif. “I am looking forward to being with a company that is on the cutting edge of its industry.”

Ty interned with GOODE for the past three summers and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – where he was a member of the water ski team – with a degree in industrial engineering.

“Ty has contributed greatly over the last three summers and his education in technical engineering is going to be a big asset for our company,” said Dave Goode, president and founder of GOODE Skis. “I look forward to what is ahead with Ty being a part of the team here at our Ogden factory.”

Summer Kick Off Sale!



GOODE Skis is celebrating Memorial Day weekend and the kick off of summer with two great deals designed to get you more buoys for less this season:

Act quickly because once the goodedealz inventory is gone, recent record-breakers like the Rev 6 and Nano One XT, as well as classics like the 9900 and 9500, are gone, forever.

Offers expire May 31, 2019 and cannot be combined. Quantities limited.

Team GOODE skiers seek titles at this weekend’s Masters

After a rare second-place finish at last year’s event, Team GOODE’s Regina Jaquess will be looking for her 8th career Masters slalom title as the 60th Masters takes place this weekend in Pine Mountain, Ga.

Last year in the semi finals Regina became the first female to run 39-1/2 feet off at the Masters, only to finish second to Manon Costard in a final-round run off. Team GOODE skier and perennial podium threat Karen Truelove will be gunning for her second career Masters title.

On the Men’s side, Thomas Degasperi will be looking to build on his Moomba Masters win earlier this year and add his 2nd career Masters title. He will be joined in the Men’s field by fellow Team GOODE skier Adam Sedlmajer.

GOODE’s Martin Kolman is among the favorites in the Men’s tricks event and Ali Garcia (slalom) competed in her first ever Junior Masters earlier today.

For more event information, including schedule and online broadcast, visit

Regina claims fifth straight Swiss Pro Slalom title

It took her two tie breaks in the final round but Regina took care of business, topping the field at Sunday’s Swiss Pro Slalom to win the event for the fifth-consecutive year.

Regina scored 2 buoys at 41-feet off in the second and final tiebreak to win the title and top second-place finisher Whitney McClintock-Rini. Regina’s final tiebreak score was the highest female slalom score of the event and only the second full pass at 39-1/2 off on the day (she scored the other one in the second round).

The Men’s field was missing Team GOODE skier Thomas Degasperi who was involved in a traffic accident the night before. Thomas reported on social media that he was “good … just feel like Tyson came back to the ring and had a go at me.”

Will Asher took first with 4 at 41 off, while Freddie Winter and Sacha Descuns took second and third with 3.25 and 2.5 at 41 off, respectively.

GOODE’s Dane Mechler had a great showing, placing fifth while running into 41 off all three rounds, and Adam Sedlmajer advanced to the finals to finish 7th.

For complete results, click here, and to view the full online broadcast visit

GOODE was a proud sponsor of the 2019 Swiss Pro Slalom.