California Pro-Am taking place this weekend

Bell Acqua, home to the 2015 California Water Ski Pro-Am.

One of water skiing’s major events will take place this weekend in Sacramento, California, as many of the world’s best skiers compete in the California Water Ski Pro-Am.

Formerly known as the Diablo Shores Pro-Am, this weekend’s tournament will feature Open Men’s and Women’s slalom, as well as top Master Men’s competitors and amateurs from throughout the West Coast.

Team GOODE skiers expected to ski in the pro ranks include two-time defending champion Regina Jaquess, Thomas Degasperi, Chris Parrish, Daniel Odvarko, Trent Finlayson, Lauren Morgan, Carlo Allais, Martin Bartalsky, and Benjamin Stadlbaur.

Greg Badal, Dave Miller, Chad Scott, Greg Sund, Steve Ware, and Marc Shaw will be among the GOODE skiers competing in Master Men’s slalom.

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Degasperi vs. Odvarko, Miller vs. Badal in GOODE Bracket Challenge Final Four

The 2015 GOODE Bracket Challenge Final Four is set, with an unexpected injury shaking up the online fan contest standings.

Thomas Degasperi and Daniel Odvarko will face off in the 36 mph bracket, while Dave Miller and Greg Badal will go against each other in the 34 mph side.

Chris Parrish, the No. 1 36 mph seed and the most popular fan pick to win the tournament did not ski in round 2 (the month of August) due to a shoulder injury. Therefore, he didn’t post a score during his head-to-head match up with Thomas, so Thomas advances.

That sets up an intriguing 36 mph finale between two European skiers who have battled it out recently, both in the U.S. and abroad. They are currently ranked Nos. 4 and 5 on the IWWF Elite Rankings List and are expected to ski against each other at the California Pro Am later this month in Sacramento, Calif.

Two skiers who are skiing extremely well right now will face off on the 34 mph side. Dave Miller’s top score in August was an impressive 4 buoys at 41 off, while Greg Badal was right behind him with 3.5 buoys at 41 off, not to mention the 2.5 at the same line length he scored to win the Master Men’s national title at last month’s GOODE Water Ski National Championships.

The end of Chris’ tournament run dramatically altered the online fan contest, as it eliminated the possibility of anyone picking the perfect bracket. Currently, LLUSA and swerve_6 are tied for first place, although both picked Chris to win. Thirteen other fans are tied for third, but only one of them, boz’s picks, has a final champion pick that is still alive in the tournament.

For the master bracket, click here, or here for the fan contest standings.

Regina Jaquess claims 4th consecutive Malibu Open, Quinn Haines wins under 17 slalom and jump

Regina Jaquess (far left) tops the Women’s slalom podium.

Make it four in a row.

Regina Jaquess topped the field once again to win her fourth-consecutive Malibu Open title. She has not lost a professional tournament since the 2014 Masters, a 15-month streak that includes victories at the Malibu Cup, Swiss Slalom Pro, U.S. Open, 2015 Masters and now, two Malibu Open titles.

WaterSki magazine no doubt had this impressive streak in mind when they awarded Regina their Female Slalom Skier of the Year award during an event held Friday night in downtown Milwaukee.

Junior Men’s under 17 slalom and jump champion Quinn Haines.

In Men’s slalom, Nate Smith earned the win after a final round that was marred by missed gates. Two of Team GOODE’s top skiers – Thomas Degasperi (back) and Chris Parrish (shoulder) – missed the event due to injury, but GOODE skiers performed well in their place as Benjamin Stadlbaur, Trent Finlayson, Carlo Allais, and Martin Bartalsky all advanced to the semis.

GOODE Junior team member Quinn Haines earned a double at the Malibu Open, winning both Junior Men’s under 17 slalom and jumping. The 16-year old from Avon, Conn., has had an impressive summer, taking home the Junior Boys overall title at the Jr. U.S. Open and finishing second overall in Boys 3 at the 73rd GOODE Water Ski National Championships in just his second year in the division.

Ruth McCreary finished second in Junior Women’s under 17 slalom after being edged by eventual champion Jaime Bull in a runoff.

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Team GOODE to take on Malibu Open this weekend

Regina will be seeking her fourth-consecutive Malibu Open title.

Team GOODE skiers will be looking to continue a recent string of strong Mailibu Open finishes when the 2015 Malibu Open Festival returns to Milwaukee this weekend.

The biggest streak on the line will be Regina’s three straight Malibu titles. Past winner Thomas Degasperi will be looking to regain the title after landing on the podium at last year’s event, while Daniel Odvarko will seek to keep his personal hot streak going after winning last weekend’s European Championships.  Dane Mechler, who won last year’s Malibu Open Under 21 Men’s slalom title, will be stepping up to take on the Open Men’s field.

Additional Team GOODE skiers expected to compete in the Open divisions include Carlo Allais, Trent Finlayson, Lauren Morgan, Martin Bartalsky, and Benjamin Stadlbaur.  World No. 1 Chris Parrish will miss the competition with a shoulder injury.

Zach Montavon, Quinn Haines and Ruth McCreary will compete in Junior slalom, while Brando Caruso will ski in Under 21 Men’s slalom.

For more event details, including schedule, click here. The event will be broadcast online Friday and Saturday here, beginning Friday morning at 7:30 CDT.

Two-thirds of U.S. National slalom titles won on GOODEs

Twenty-one GOODE skiers were crowned National champions at last week’s 73rd GOODE Water Ski National Championships held in West Palm Beach, Fla., claiming 68 percent of the 31 slalom titles. More than twice as many national slalom titles were won on GOODE than on all other ski manufacturers combined.

“It was just amazing as the week unfolded and we kept seeing more and more people on our skis top the podium,” said Dave Goode, founder and president of GOODE Skis. “We take a lot of pride in building skis that help people perform at their very best when it matters most, so it’s very rewarding to play a role in so many people winning national titles.”

Some of the many highlights of the week included:

  • An unprecedented GOODE sweep of the Master Men’s slalom podium (see video above)
  • In his very last tournament in the division, Griffin Stange breaking a Boys 2 national slalom record that had stood for eight years
  • Regina Jaquess winning her third-consecutive Open Womens slalom title (see video in next story)
  • Bill Mahan scoring a Nationals tournament-record 1 buoy at 39 off to win Mens 7
  • Ted McColley winning his first national title at his 26th-consecutive Nationals
  • Brooke Baldwin taking home the Girls 3 title in her first year in the division, and
  • Don Aschenbrenner winning Mens 4 for the third-consecutive year.

Congratulations to the following skiers who won National slalom titles on GOODEs:

  • Boys 2 Griffin Stange
  • Boys 3 Zach Montavon
  • Girls 1 Alana Jones
  • Girls 3 Brooke Baldwin
  • Mens 1 Michael Bullock
  • Mens 3 Darin Montgomery
  • Mens 4 Don Aschenbrenner
  • Mens 6 Ted McColley
  • Mens 7 Bill Mahan
  • Mens 8 John Autore
  • Mens 9 Jerry Hosner
  • Mens 11 Harry Price
  • Master Mens Greg Badal
  • Open Womens Regina Jaquess
  • Womens 1 Eloise Whitlock
  • Womens 3 Brandy Nagle
  • Womens 4 Lori Krueger
  • Womens 5 Carol Brooks
  • Womens 8 Margaret Carlisle
  • Womens 9 Maria Walsh
  • Womens 11 Artis Price

It’s difficult to track hundreds of skiers across multiple lakes over the course of five days of action, so if we failed to include you in the list above, or mistakenly did so, please accept our apologies and email us the details at

For complete GOODE Nationals results, click here.

Introducing the Nano 1FT

GOODE Skis kicked off the 73rd GOODE Water Ski National Championships today in West Palm Beach, Fla., by releasing the latest ski in its high-performance lineup: the Nano 1FT™.

The Nano 1FT takes water skiing’s most buzzed about technological advancement in years – the patent-pending endoskeleton, carbon-fiber backbone and through cut support ribs featured in this year’s hit FlexTail™ – and combines it with the world-record breaking performance of the Nano One™ shape.

“The new lateral flex technology featured on the FlexTail turned out so well that we began looking for another shape in our lineup to utilize it on,” says Dave Goode, founder and president of GOODE Skis. “Some shapes are more conducive to certain skiing styles, so we wanted to make sure that we give our customers a chance to find the best ski for them.

“The Nano One shape was the obvious choice. From day one that ski and its successor, the Nano OneXT, have been phenomenal skis. They’ve set numerous world records and countless personal bests. But now with the new lateral flexing tail technology, that great shape is going to be even better.”

To learn more about the Nano 1FT or FlexTail, visit the GOODE booth during the GOODE Nationals, or visit

Characteristics of the Nano 1FT and FlexTail

Nano 1FT

  • A more “connected feeling” with the water
  • Tighter, pivot-type turn
  • In general, preferred by skiers who are on the lighter side of each ski length’s weight range
  • Medium effort ski


  • Ski sits higher in the water
  • Faster out of the buoy
  • More “automatic” from apex to first wake
  • Easier effort ski

Two upsets highlight first round of GOODE Bracket Challenge; 6 fans’ brackets remain perfect

The first round of the GOODE Bracket Challenge has concluded with a former winner and former final four-er on the outside looking in.

Regina Jaquess, the 2013 Bracket Challenge champion and No. 3 seed on the 34 mph side of the bracket, was eliminated by Ben Favret, with a first round score 1 buoy at 41 off to Ben’s 2-1/2 buoys at 41. Regina’s score was no doubt hampered by tough conditions at her only two tournaments of the month: the Malibu Cup and the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. The Malibu Cup featured challenging weather conditions that ultimately forced the cancellation of the final round, while the Pan Ams were conducted in fairly rough conditions on a temporary tournament site located on Lake Ontario.

In the second upset of the first round, the No. 7 seed Greg Badal topped No. 2 seed and 2014 final four skier Jay Leach, 3 buoys at 41 off to 1-1/2 at 41.

Chris Parrish, Thomas Degasperi, Daniel Odvarko and Carlo Allais all advanced on the 36 mph side, while Jeremy Newby-Ricci and Dave Miller join Greg and Ben in the second round on the 34 mph side. The second round will be comprised of all scores in August, including the 73rd GOODE Water Ski National Championships and Malibu Open.

In the online fan contest, only six of the 342 brackets submitted remain perfect. Interestingly, all six perfect brackets pick Chris Parrish to win, so if he happens to fall short there will likely be a major shakeup in the standings.

Click here for the skier’s bracket, and here for the fan contest standings.

Round 1/July scores

Parrish 5.5@41
Morgan 3.5@38

Degasperi 4@41
Mechler 2@41

Odvarko* 3@41, 2@41
Bartalsky 3@41, 2@41
*tie broken by head-to-head scores at Malibu Cup, 3 vs. 2 @41 for Odvarko

Allais 2@41, 2@41
Finlayson 2@41, 5@39

Newby-Ricci 3@41
Tate 0.5@41

Leach 1.5@41
Badal 3@41

Jaquess 1@41
Favret 2.5@41

Miller 2.5@41
Raley 2@41

Greg Badal wins, Dave Miller second at Broho Big Dawg

The fourth and final 2015 qualifier of the Big Dawg World Tour ended as the first one did: with a GOODE skier atop the podium (see video above).

Greg Badal put up a huge score of 3 buoys at 41 off in the finals to edge fellow GOODE skier Dave Miller to win the Broho Big Dawg last weekend in Graham, Wash.  Greg joins Chad Scott (Acapulco) as the other GOODE skier with a win on this year’s tour.

GOODE skiers Todd Johnson, Kyle Tate, Greg Sund, Steve Allen and Marc Shaw joined Badal and Miller in the Sweet 16. Full results here.

The Big Dawg Finals will be held in October in Orlando, Fla., in conjunction with the Nautique U.S. Open Water Ski Championships.

Enter the GOODE Bracket Challenge for the chance to win the all-new FlexTail

For larger image click here.

The GOODE Virtual Water Ski Bracket Challenge™ is back and features its best ever field of competitors.

In addition to many of the world’s best 34 mph skiers, the 2015 Bracket Challenge features a who’s who of 36 mph skiers as well. Now names like Parrish, Degasperi and Finlayson have joined the likes of Jaquess, Miller and Newby-Ricci.

Once again fans will be able to test their skiing knowledge and enter their own March-Madness like brackets. The fan with the best bracket will win a FREE GOODE FlexTail, while other top finishers will receive GOODE prize packages. But you can’t win if you don’t enter. Fill out and submit your bracket here before the July 23rd entry deadline.

The overall bracket will have two halves – one for 36 and the other for 34 mph skiers – with a winner from each bracket facing off against each other for the Bracket Challenge title. In the final round, speed is not taken into consideration to determine the bracket winner. The rope length and number of buoys is the sole determinant of the winner. For example, if Regina Jaquess scored 3 buoys at 41 off (at 34 mph), she would beat Trent Finlayson’s score of 2 buoys at 41 off (36 mph).

To fill out and submit a bracket, or for more information, including rules, click here.