About this BLOG

GOODE has entered the blogosphere and it’s all for you! I am passionate about skiing; and I know that you are, too! I am equally passionate about building the best possible skis and equipment to help us all enjoy the sports that we love.

The purpose of the BLOG  is to keep you updated on the many happenings at GOODE. You now have a new resource for breaking industry news, inspiring success stories, and sharing of technical information.

With this interactive BLOG format, the GOODE Website comes alive! Plus, we get to have a conversation with you. We hope you will share your thoughts on the topics we cover and ask questions. Is there a topic you want to learn more about? Please let us know! Your comments are encouraged and WELCOME!  

GOODE Ski Technologies is dedicated to providing you with products and services with unmatched innovation, performance and quality.


Dave Goode