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Regina named IWWF Female Athlete of the Year

Team GOODE’s Regina Jaquess has been named the IWWF Female Athlete of the Year for 2018.

Regina had another incredible year in 2018, winning titles at the Swiss Pro Slalom, Lake 38 Pro-Am, Americas’ Cup Invitational, Malibu Open, California Waterski Pro Am, GOODE Nationals, and Pan American Water Ski Championships. She also pushed her own Women’s world slalom record to 4 buoys at 41-feet off.

Last month Regina was named USA Water Ski’s Female Athlete of the Year for the 11th time in her career.








2018: A GOODE year in review

GOODE skiers win 16 U.S. National titles



GOODE skiers claimed 16 slalom titles – more than all other manufacturers combined – at the GOODE U.S. National Water Ski Championships held last August at Mystic Lakes in Maize, Kansas.

By claiming 16 of 28 slalom titles, GOODE skiers netted an amazing 57 percent of all slalom gold medals awarded. Dating back to 2012, GOODE skiers have won 114 out of 207 U.S. national slalom titles, or 55 percent.




GOODE Skiers claim 4 golds, more than half of all slalom medals awarded at 35+ Worlds

Dave Miller wins the 55+ World Championship on the GOODE RéVolution



Four of eight slalom golds and more than half of all slalom medals awarded at the 2018 35+ Water Ski World Championships were won by skiers riding GOODEs.



Regina Jaquess and Adam Sedlmajer set world records

Regina Jaquess and Adam Sedlmajer both set world records at the July Heat tournament at the Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden, Fla.

Regina scored 4 buoys at 41 off on her XTR to top her own previous record of 3.5 at 41. When it was approved by the IWWF, it became her 8th world slalom record.

Adam Sedlmajer also improved upon his own world record, setting a pending Men’s Overall record after scoring 3 buoys at 41 feet off in slalom, 10,780 points in tricks and 217 feet in jumping.

The RéVolution arrived

In 2018 GOODE released the RéVolution, a new ski that delivered improved performance through breakthroughs in construction design, new carbon fibers and an advanced resin system.

The result? Huge scores and big wins, including a Big Dawg stop championships and a world title.

GOODE skiers sweep the Big Dawg qualifiers

A GOODE skier won each of the four stops on the 2018 Big Dawg World Tour, as Dave Miller won at both Okeeheelee and Cedar Ridge, Greg Sund won in Sesena, Spain, and Greg Badal won at Laku Landing.

At the finals seven of the Elite 8 were on GOODEs.

New U.S. National Records

A slew of U.S. National slalom records were set on GOODEs in 2018, including:

  • Jerry Hosner, Mens 10, 4@32;
  • Cyndi Benzel, Womens 7, 2@38;
  • Regina Jaquess, Open Women/Womens 2, 4@41,
  • Joy Kelley, Womens 6, 2@38,
  • Bob Hardeman and Jeff Wiswall (tie), Mens 8, 3@38; and
  • Jeff Wiswall, Mens 8, 5@38.

Regina named USAWS Female Athlete of the Year for the 11th time

The 2018 season ended for Regina Jaquess the same way it has 10 previous times during her career: being named the USA Water Ski Female Athlete of the year. Regina was selected for the honor on the basis of a season that saw her win titles at the Swiss Pro Slalom, Americas’ Cup Invitational, Malibu Open, California Waterski Pro Am, GOODE Nationals and Pan American Championships. On top of all that, she threw in a new world record of 4 buoys at 41-feet off for good measure.

A legend is reborn


Twenty-five years after revolutionizing water skiing with the first-ever carbon-fiber slalom ski, GOODE released the 9970, the best-ever version of the legendary 9000 series that permanently etched the likes of Regina Jaquess, Jeff Rodgers, Kristi Overton-Johnson, Karina Nowlan, and Chris Parrish in the world record books.




Miller tops Regina for Bracket Challenge Crown

Regina named USAWS Female Athlete of the Year for the 11th time

Team GOODE’s Regina Jaquess has been named USA Water Ski’s Female Athlete of the Year for the 11th time in her illustrious career.

From USA Water Ski:

She won professional slalom titles at the Swiss Pro Slalom, Lake 38 Pro-Am, Americas’ Cup Invitational, Malibu Open and California Waterski Pro Am. At the GOODE Water Ski National Championships, she won titles in Open Women slalom, jumping and overall. At the Pan American Water Ski Championships, she won gold medals in Open Women slalom, jumping and overall, and the bronze medal in tricks in leading the U.S. Elite Water Ski Team to the overall team gold medal. She also won the Open Women jumping title at the King of Darkness in November and broke her own current women’s world slalom record with a score of 4 buoys at 41 feet off in July.

In addition to the recognition from USA Water Ski, Regina was also named the American Water Ski Association’s Slalom Skier, Overall Skier and Athlete of the Year.

Barefooter Keith St. Onge was named USA Water Ski’s Maile Athlete of the Year, while AWSA president Jeff Surdej was given the Award of Merit for his volunteer service to the sport.

More info at USA Water Ski.

GOODE Skiers claim 4 golds, more than half of all slalom medals awarded at 35+ Worlds

The 2018 tournament season ended on a high note for Team GOODE as four of eight slalom golds and more than half of all slalom medals awarded at the 2018 35+ Water Ski World Championships were won by skiers riding GOODEs. The championships took place from Nov. 26 to Dec. 2, at Lago Los Morros in San Bernado, Chile.

Highlights of the tournament included podium sweeps in 35+ Women , 45+ Men and a 1-5 sweep of 55+ Men .

In the team event, the United States took home the gold with 14,908.94 points, while Great Britain (12,033.36) and Germany (11,125.96) finished second and third, respectively.

For full results, click here.

Editor’s note: It’s difficult to track skiers from across the globe over the course of six days of action, so if we failed to include you in the list above, or mistakenly did so, please accept our apologies and email us the details at

Team GOODE racks up medals at Pan Am Championships

Regina Jaquess (middle) claimed gold in slalom at the 2018 Pan American Championships


GOODE skiers claimed five slalom golds on their way to a huge medal haul at the 2018 Pan American Water Ski Championships, held Nov. 12-18, at Lago Los Morros in San Bernardo, Chile.

The biennial event featured skiers from the Americas competing in slalom, tricks and jumping in the Under 14, Over 35, Over 45 and Over 55, Under 17, Under 21 and Elite categories.

GOODE skiers winning slalom medals were Dominga Gonzalez (Gold, Under 14 girls), Kennedy Hansen (Silver, Under 17 girls), Alejandro De Osma (Bronze, Under 21 Women), Diego Font (Bronze, Under 21 Men), Alana Jones (Bronze, Under 14 Girls), Regina Jaquess (Gold, Open Women), Brandy Nagle, (Gold, Over 35 Women), Rodrigo Miranda (Silver, Over 35 Men), Jeff Surdej (Bronze, Over 35 Men), Kristy Kraus (Silver, Over 45 Women), Hutch Haines (Silver, Over 45 Men), Joy Kelley (Gold, Over 55 Women), Janie Fausold (Silver, Over 55 Women), Bruce Dodd (Gold, Over 55 Men), and Mark Stevens (Silver, Over 55 Men).

Full results available here.

Special Offer for Senior Worlds Participants

As a Gold sponsor of the 2018 35+ IWWF World Championships, GOODE Skis is proud to offer a special promotion to all skiers competing at the Senior Worlds.

Participants who pre-order skis on or before Nov. 20th can pick up their skis at the GOODE booth on site in Chile, free of any shipping charges. Additionally, competitors will be eligible for an exclusive competitors-only discount.  Contact GOODE for details.

To learn more or place your order, contact Mary Goff ( or Rick Libkuman ( at 1-888-GO-GOODE.

Q&A with Team GOODE’s Dane Mechler

With scores consistently into mid-41 off, Dane Mechler is one of the world’s best skiers.  

However with a fresh new Masters degree to his name, he is facing what a lot of skiers who are just as talented off the water as on it face in their early to mid 20s: how to keep skiing at a high level while embarking on a career.

We recently caught up with Dane to see how his post-college transition is going and how skiing still figures into his life.  

GOODE: This year you graduated from grad school at FSU and got a “real-world job.” Where are you living now and what are you up to?

Dane: I am living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I moved here in late July, and I could not be happier so far. I am working downtown for Grant Thornton as a corporate valuation consultant. Basically, I value companies who are going through mergers/acquisitions and also perform a lot of valuations of large family estates, corporate stock options, and components of private equity funds for tax purposes and financial reporting. It’s a big change for me, but I was ready for the change.

GOODE: Where are you skiing now and how often are you able to get out? Who are you skiing with?

Dane: I am skiing at Little Mountain Waterski Club, owned by the Neill family. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. It is seriously one of the best lakes I have ever been to. I ski with Jeff Gilbert, one of the best drivers in the world, and Chelsea Mills, currently ranked No. 7 on the world ranking list. I’m in good company and so lucky to have these guys as ski partners. I try and get out two to three nights per week and obviously the weekend for a total of four to five days per week.

GOODE: You didn’t ski a lot of tournaments in 2018, but you put up some pretty incredible scores, running 39 off 21 out of 28 rounds. How were you able to keep skiing at such a high level?

Dane: I think it comes down to really refining my technique and approach to practice. I’ll be honest, while living in Louisiana and Florida I was spoiled. I was able to ski as much as I wanted and therefore I didn’t always have the best approach to my skiing. Now every time I am at the lake I have a purpose and a goal. This year more than ever, I really found myself in my technique. I turned two-ball at 41 more than ever in practice and missing 39 was very rare for me. This was largely due to skiing at Lake 38 with Keith Albritton and Matteo Luzzeri for the past year. Their support improved my slalom technique immensely. I also think it comes down to my personality. I thrive when I have structure and I stay busy. Working full time allows me to get into a great routine that I can apply on the water. The times when I have had the least going on outside of skiing have been my worst skiing.

GOODE: How is the new career path going to impact your pro skiing prospects?

Dane: I’m lucky to work for such a great organization that supports my skiing efforts. Skiing is expensive, and it was tough for me to afford travel and entry fees to the main events. Now with a paycheck and a great home site to train, I’m planning on continuing to build on my pro career. Charlotte is a big city with a great airport, so I am lucky to be able to affordably leave for the weekend without missing too much work.

GOODE: Are you going to do any training in Florida or anywhere else this winter?

Dane: While there are certainly a lot colder places than Charlotte, it definitely is not an ideal place to train during the offseason. I plan to get to Florida as much as I can. Charlotte airport is less than ten minutes away from my apartment and there are incredible flights to Orlando. Also, I think there is some good in taking some time away from the water. The nice thing about working full time, is that my evenings are completely free. I plan to use this time to focus on my off the water training.

GOODE: What are your plans for 2019?

Dane: To be determined. Working full time, I will be selective with the tournaments that I enter, but I plan to ski in several. I am hoping to continue to build off of my pro finishes this past season. I made the finals in four out of five pro events that I skied in with a best finish of 5th in France running 3 at 41 in the finals. I am hoping to improve on this in 2019.

Miller tops Regina for Bracket Challenge Crown 

After beginning with 16 skiers in June, the 2018 GOODE Bracket Challenge came down to two skiers in September: No. 1 seed Regina Jaquess and No. 3 seed Dave Miller.

Decided by the single highest preliminary round score at last weekend’s California Pro AM, Dave squeaked by Regina – 1.5 at 41 to her 1 at 41 – to win the title.

See the video above for a recap and the final brackets here.

Online Contest

In the online contest it was a battle between the only two fans whose brackets remained perfect: Bruce_Dodd and PCM. Bruce_Dodd picked Miller to win, while PCM picked Regina, so Bruce_Dodd’s bracket is perfect and is the season champion.

See the final online contest standings here.

Congratulations to both Dave Miller and Bruce Dodd.

Team GOODE bags three wins at California Pro Am

The pro tournament season ended with a bang for Team GOODE as it took home three titles and a runner-up finish at last weekend’s California Pro Am at Bell Aqua Lake 2.

Regina Jaquess scored 2 buoys at 41 off to beat Manon Costard (5.5 at 39) in the final round to win her sixth career California Pro Am Women’s slalom title. Fellow GOODE skier Karen Truelove made the eight-skier finals and finished 7th.

In Men’s slalom, Thomas Degasperi rang up multiple scores into 41 – including tying for the highest score of the weekend at 3 at 41 – before finishing second behind winner Will Asher. Adam Sedlmajer continued his recent streak of good showings by making the finals and placing 6th.

In the Masters Men event, seven of the final eight skiers were all on GOODEs as Greg Badal took home the win by defeating Mark Menasci in the final round. Chad Scott finished third and Steve Schroeder fourth.

And finally, the handicapped amateur division was won by Ken Ferrante, who took home the win just a couple weeks after jumping on the new RéVolution.  GOODE skier Bob Hardeman set a pending Mens 8 national record of 3 at 38 off.

Click here for final results.