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GOODE veteran Chris Roberts named general manager

GOODE Skis has announced that Chris Roberts has been promoted to the position of general manager.

Chris started with GOODE on the manufacturing floor while in college, then putting his degree in business and finance to use in progressively more responsible roles in the company, including accounting and Human Resources.

“Chris has worked closely with Dave and me since 2006 and has an excellent understanding of our manufacturing processes, employee relations, sales and marketing direction, customer needs, and the financial aspects of our company,” said Dawn Goode, president of GOODE Skis. “Chris has shown great leadership abilities and business management skills during our transition period following Dave’s passing in January 2020. We are excited to welcome Chris in his new role as we move into 2021.”

For his part Chris, hopes to keep Dave’s legacy alive and continue to see GOODE grow and innovate.

“I hope to continue to build the GOODE brand with commitment to excellence and innovation and see all areas of the business get even better over time,” said Chris. “I also hope that Dave will continue to be honored and missed, but that we will be able to pick up where he left off and continue to see his dreams come to fruition.”

In his new role, Chris will be responsible for both the water and snow ski divisions, as well as general aspects of the company.

Q&A with Womens 9 National Champion Shirley Coble

Ten GOODE skiers won slalom titles at the 2020 GOODE Water Ski National Championships held at Tri-Lakes in Zachary, La.

One of those 10 skiers was Womens 9 National Champion Shirley Coble, who is well known as the matriarch of one of water skiing’s most storied families and competed in her 33rd Nationals this year.

GOODE recently chatted with Shirley about the thrill of winning a National title, her approach heading into this year’s events and why she skis.

GOODE: How long have you been skiing and how did you get into the sport?
Shirley: I have been skiing for 56 years and have never missed a season. My husband taught me to ski at age 20.

GOODE: For the readers out there who might not already know, where, and with whom, do you do most of your training?
Shirley: All of my training is done at Coble Water Ski School with my daughter, April, as my coach and her husband, Chris, as my boat driver. I have a perfect setup for training so I have no excuse not to ski well.

GOODE: How many National titles have you won?
Shirley: This is my first National title! I have gotten the silver and bronze medals many times but this is my first National title.

GOODE: What does it feel like to have won?
Shirley: It is a great feeling to be a national champion at age 76.

GOODE: How did you prepare for Nationals? Anything different than in the past?
Shirley: I have a routine training schedule. I normally ski three days in a row and then take the next day off. I never ski the day before a tournament. This has always worked well for me, especially as I get older.

GOODE: Besides winning the National title, what are some other highlights in your skiing career?
Shirley: My favorite highlights in my skiing career have been qualifying to ski in multiple Senior Worlds since the Over 65 division was created in 2014. The first one was held at Jack Travers’ in 2014 and I tied for the silver medal but received the bronze because the other skier had a better backup score. I skied in my second Senior Worlds in 2016 in Madrid, Spain, and came in fourth. But the biggest highlight of my career was the last Senior Worlds in Santiago, Chile in 2018 where I placed fourth again. I was 74 years old and had to ski against skiers much younger than me like Cindy Benzel, whom I was honored to ski with. I was the oldest female skier and was as happy as if I had won. Cherished memories.

GOODE: Why do you ski?
Shirley: I personally think water skiing is the best sport a person can do as it is a total workout mentally and physically. It will definitely keep you in shape and is good cardio therapy. It also provides the opportunity for someone to ski as long as they wish and be able to compete in an age division. I have never missed a season since I started skiing at the age of 20.

GOODE: What’s the most important thing skiing has taught you and/or given you over the years?
Shirley: I think water skiing is one of the best family sports anyone could have. It keeps a family close and the children always want to invite friends to come ski with them. Also, the atmosphere of fresh air and water is conducive to good health.

GOODE: Who are some people that have been important to your skiing success?
Shirley: First, my husband, Gary, as he taught me to ski. However, the most important person to my skiing success is my daughter, April. She is very protective of me and ensures that all my equipment is good, that weather conditions for training are acceptable and that I don’t over train and get injured. She is responsible for my long tenure in this great sport.

GOODE: Anything else you would like to add?
Shirley: I would like to say that I sincerely appreciate the contributions that the Goode family has given to the sport of water skiing for so many years. I would also like to wish Dawn the very best in her future operations of the company.

Announcing The Dave Goode Memorial Foundation

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Dave Goode Memorial Foundation.

The foundation will honor Dave’s memory and inspire the next generation of young water skiers, snow skiers and innovators by providing financial support for their passions, on and off the water and snow.

“Dave found joy in helping other people succeed, whether it was by offering them words of encouragement, or by providing them with equipment that helped them achieve new heights,” said Dawn Goode, Dave’s wife and executive director of the foundation. “He would be very happy to know that this foundation will ensure that his spirit of giving and achievement will continue to live on.”

Donations to the non-profit foundation are tax deductible and will be used to fund grants awarded through a process with clear objectives, timeframes and amounts that will be outlined in the future on the foundation’s website,

Tragically, Dave died Jan. 15th while taking part in one of his many passions, piloting his airplane. Through his numerous technological advancements in both water skiing and snow skiing, and financial support of countless events and athletes in both sports, Dave touched the lives of thousands of people by helping them, and the sports they love, push the limits of performance.

A quick friend and generous mentor, Dave will be remembered for his kindness and endless support to many.

Learn more more or donate today at

Celebration of life event cancelled

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that the January 9th Celebration of Life for Dave has been cancelled. Limits on gatherings and a continued rise in COVID cases in Utah mean that the event simply cannot go on.

Originally scheduled for March 14th, it was very disappointing to postpone the event due to COVID, but I held out hope that January 2021 would be safe enough for everyone to attend. I looked forward to a day that would have made Dave smile, including a skier parade down one of his favorite ski runs at Snowbasin Resort, and displays of successful products that he invented, manufactured, marketed and sold throughout his career. He started his company when he was just 19 years old and it evolved into the innovative, technologically-driven leader in the water ski and snow ski pole business that it is today.

However, we simply cannot meet in the current environment. While I would have greatly enjoyed celebrating Dave’s life with many of you in person, I am delighted to share with you a beautiful video (see above) made for the event by friends of ours. The video captures the joy that Dave lived his life with. The music is an original song called “More Love” written by Anna Wilson especially for Dave following the accident on January 15th, and was produced in Huntsville, Utah, by Anna and her husband Monty Powell. It’s a very special and heartfelt tribute to Dave and I thank Anna and Monty immensely.

Thank you for all the support you have given me and the company since Dave’s tragic passing. It has made an extremely difficult situation immeasurably more bearable.

With much gratitude to everyone,


Q&A with Womens 1 National Champ Kelley Breeden

Ten GOODE skiers won slalom titles at the 2020 GOODE Water Ski National Championships held at Tri-Lakes in Zachary, La.

One of those 10 skiers was Florida Southern College’s Kelley Breeden, who earned her third career National title and second Women’s 1 title in the last three years.

GOODE recently chatted with Kelley about what if feels like to be a national champion, how this year was different and what skiing has taught her over the years.

GOODE: How long have you been skiing and how did you get into the sport?
Kelley: I have been skiing since I was seven. I got into it through my dad who was just a river rat back in the day. I was first introduced to competitive waterskiing through Cory Pickos and his ski school.

GOODE: How did you prepare for Nationals? Anything different than in the past?
Kelley: This is the second summer I’ve trained at Lucky Lowe, and this year because of COVID I lived at his ski school. I was able to ski multiple times every day and even on off days I was on the water coaching or trick skiing. It was super helpful just by having a huge amount of time on the water. Lucky is also extremely knowledgeable and has a ton of experience. He is always very positive and looks for the good in every practice.

GOODE: What does it feel like to be “NATIONAL CHAMPION!”?
Kelley: To be a national champion is a pretty cool thing. I definitely think each time you win nationals it’s a little different and means something different. This time I was happy to be able to win it for Lucky and do it with a bigger support system as I trained with some younger kids this summer.

GOODE: Besides winning the National title, what are some other highlights in your skiing career?
Kelley: Obviously, the other national titles [editor's note: Kelley previously won titles in Girls 2 and Women's 1] were a highlight. I’ve also started competing in more pro events the past two years which has been really exciting. Also just being able to compete with the Florida Southern ski team has been really great.

GOODE: Why do you ski?
Kelley: I ski because its fun and it provides a space where I don’t have to think about anything else but skiing. Its like an escape. I don’t have to think about school or grades or any of life’s other problems, just time to focus on skiing and myself. Its very freeing.

GOODE: What’s the most important thing skiing has taught you and/or given you over the years?
Kelley: Skiing has taught me many life lessons, but I think patience is a big one. Lucky talks a lot about trusting the process, and that’s pretty hard when you don’t see improvement sometimes. But that’s kind of how life is. You just have to trust that the process is going to take you in the right direction and that it will lead to improvement even when you can’t see it, so be patient and things will come with time.

GOODE: Who are some people that have been important to your skiing success?
Kelley: Some people that have been important to me in skiing are obviously my mom and dad, Betsy and Wes. They brought me into the sport and dedicated my childhood to it. My first coach, Cory Pickos, was also very pivotal and taught me a lot of basics. Keith Albritton and crew at Lake 38 and the crew at Lake Bradford were also very important in my career as that’s kind of where I grew up skiing in Tallahassee. Nowadays, Lucky Lowe and his family are very important to me and help tremendously. Also, the Florida Southern ski team which have helped me the past four years and become my closest friends.

Regina caps undefeated year with MasterCraft Pro title

Regina Jaquess capped a dominate 2020 season Saturday with a win at the MasterCraft Pro held at Action Water Sports in Polk City, Fla.

The victory secured an undefeated season that saw her win her 8th consecutive Malibu Open title and 6th consecutive Swiss Pro Slalom in addition to victories at the GOODE Nationals and the Stillwaters Team Challenge, among others.

Saturday’s final round also served as a season capstone for Team GOODE’s Elizabeth Montavon who set a personal best of 2.5 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off in the Women’s slalom finals to finish second, her highest ever professional finish. Elizabeth’s 2020 season saw her emerge as a pro podium threat on the strength of top-three finishes at the Hilltop Pro Am and Travers Grand Prix and a spot in the finals at Moomba.

The Men’s side saw one of the toughest final rounds in the history of the sport as three skiers – Team GOODE’s Thomas Degasperi, Nate Smith and Freddie Winter – tied with a huge score of 5 buoys at 41 off. In the ensuing run off, Nate emerged with the win (1 at 43), while Freddie (4 at 41) and Thomas (3 at 41) finished second and third, respectively. For Thomas it was the second-straight professional podium following his third-place place finish at the Swiss Pro Slalom.

Click here for final results.

Regina claims 6-peat at Swiss Pro Slalom

Make it six for six.

Regina Jaquess topped the Women’s slalom field at Sunday’s Swiss Pro Slalom to win her sixth-consecutive title at the event and remain the only female winner in the event’s history.

Regina put up scores of 2 at 41, 2 at 41 and 3 at 41 to earn the win, topping second-place finisher Manon Costard and Jaime Bull in third place. Team GOODE’s Chelsea Mills and Alice Bagnoli finished fifth and eight, respectively.

On the Men’s side, Thomas Degasperi took third in his first-ever Swiss pro, finishing behind champion Freddie Winter and Nate Smith. Team GOODE’s Adam Sedlmajer finished fifth.

Click here for full results.








Dorien sets pending Mens Overall world record

Team GOODE’s Dorien Llewellyn set a pending Mens World Overall record Oct. 8th, at the JT Fall Classic at Sunset Lakes.

He slalomed 1 buoy at 41 off, tricked 11,010 points and jumped 223 feet (2,851.29 overall points) to top the previous record of 2,819.76 points set by fellow GOODE skier Adam Sedlmajer in 2018.

If approved by the IWWF, the mark will return the World Overall record to the Llewellyn family. Dorien’s dad, Jaret, held the record on two different occasions, including an uninterrupted stretch of nearly 15 years between 2002 and 2017.

Dorien is the second GOODE skier to set a pending overall world record this year as Regina Jaquess accomplished the feat at the Stillwaters Pro Team Challenge last August.

Q&A with Womens 5 National Champion Ann Hamilton

Ten GOODE skiers won slalom titles at the 2020 GOODE Water Ski National Championships held at Tri-Lakes in Zachary, La.

One of those 10 skiers was Women’s 5 champ Ann Hamilton, who after skiing in numerous Nationals since 1992, claimed her first ever national title in a run off.

GOODE recently chatted with Ann about her big win, how she got involved in the sport and why she does it.

GOODE: How long have you been skiing and how did you get into the sport?
Ann: I began free skiing when I was eight with my family on public lakes. When I was in college at Baylor I had an O’Brien t-shirt and a guy approached me and asked if I wanted to join the Baylor Water Ski Team. I went to Ken White’s ski school the very next week for Spring Break 1983 and I was hooked!

GOODE: Where, and with whom, do you do most of your training?
Ann: At Austin Aquaplex with my husband, Mike Hamilton.

GOODE: Is this your first National title?
Ann: YES! Finally!

GOODE: How many Nationals have you previously attended?
Ann: Since my first nationals in 1992. George Lindy was my driver that day and we are still friends. At another Nationals in the 90s at West Palm Beach, Chuck Forrest sat beside me in a diner and noticed me slamming down my breakfast. He took note and helped me calm down. And then he came to see me ski. The LEGEND came to see Miss Nobody ski because he knew that I was so nervous. How cool is that!?

GOODE: How did you prepare for Nationals this year? Anything different than in the past?
Ann: This year, I knew I had a chance to medal. I had mentally blown it in years past. For the two weeks prior to Nationals I skied only one set per day and ran only three total passes: 28 off, 32 off and the mid loop 33.5 off. I’d just go pass one, pass two, pass three and get in the boat. I knew mid 35 off would either win or place, but I was ready to run the pass.

GOODE: Besides winning the National title, what are some other highlights in your skiing career?
Ann: Regional champion and medals many times. But the best highlights are being with the water ski community! I love our waterski family and love our Regionals and Nationals family reunions.

GOODE: What’s the most important thing skiing has taught you and/or given you over the years?
Ann: It’s the physical exercise, fun, friends and mental toughness, but being a good sport is most important. I am happy to see others ski well.

GOODE: Who are some people that have been important to your skiing success?
Ann: No. 1 of course is my husband Mike, my dad, Ken White and too many water ski friends to name them all!

Regina going for Swiss Pro six-peat this weekend

The Swiss Pro Slalom will be held for the sixth time this coming Sunday, and Team GOODE’s Regina Jaquess will be looking to win it for the sixth-straight time.

Of her five Swiss Pro titles, last year’s may have been the toughest for her to come by as it took two tiebreaks to edge Whitney McClintock in the final round. She had an easier time winning her 9th straight Malibu Open last month, running 39-1/2 off all four rounds, the only female competitor to run it even once over the weekend.

Additional Team GOODE skiers expected to be in the field Sunday are Adam Sedlmajer, fresh off his second-place finish two weeks ago at the Travers Grand Prix, Chelsea Mills, Thomas Degasperi, Alice Bagnoli, Dane Mechler and Ali Garcia.

The event will be webcast live beginning Sunday at 9 a.m. eastern time. More details at